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Essence (An Anthology)

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7 months ago
Topics: Poetry

Bonjour pen pals and readers, I present to you an anthology (a collection of poems) titled "Essence"

This anthology consist of 8 poems wholly written by me. These poems talk about a lot of things like; my experience in life, different emotions we might have all passed through (happiness, sadness, etc), some are lessons from things we ignore and see everyday, some are motivational and some are factual. I started writing poems in 2016 and I fallen in love with it, my writing style is self-made

I saw the prompt by @Fexonice1 requesting us to write something on trust. So I decided to include a poem I wrote about trust.

I am expecting your feedback on which of the poems you like the most and be free to add your critic or suggestions. Enjoy!


H armony of my mind and body

A bility to make a smile

P ressure within relieved

P alpable to those around

Y ay! What a nice feeling

2.The stubborn Hope

Words can't express my sadness

For such words does not exist

And no linguist can invent one.

This sadness of mine has drained the hope in me.

I feel like hitting the restart button

Oh! That sounds suicidal.

Believe me: my thoughts are worse than suicide

And this sadness is worse than a state of depression and melancholy.

But in my heart there is a strain of hope, stubborn and refusing to be drained away like the others

It is so small, smaller than the mustard seed.

This tiny hope tells me:

One day I'll have a reason to smile again,

And my heart will be refilled with happiness

It tells me: when this happens

No word will be able to express my joy

For such words don't exist

Can I hope on this little hope?

I hope, I can.


Trust is a mountain

A steep, jagged, peaky and lofty mount

Ascending trust one needs:

Patience, hardwork, sincerity and selflessness

Every inch you climb you're faced with a test

A little misstep might derail you

And you might never be able to ascend it again

Trust is a mount with plethora of climbing routes

Some short, some long

Circumstances determine the route you climb

The goal in summiting trust isn't about how long it takes you

But how long you endure the hardship

Of the chilly intense wind and little air at the summit

For only those who are able to pitch their tents at the summit are called TRUSTWORTHY

In your neighbor's heart there is a trust

Scale it!

4.Lessons from Uncle Tick-tock

Watching the clock taught me

That the word "wait" is a wrong language to time

From the clock I learnt my first example of the Yin-yang:

When the clock hand strike an exact time twice a day,

And my tutor educating me the difference;

One is the ante meridian and the other is the post meridian.

Admiring the clock's accuracy

I realise that I must not relent from being diligent at work

Resetting of clock taught me that I can outdo my failures, change my bad habits and start ticking in the right direction

The clock taught me a plethora of things

What I manage to scribble is just a compendium

5.The Stars

I'm a night owl who sought solace at the courtyard,

Gazing at the night sky as I sat reflecting.

The twinkling and flickering of the stars

Made me recall my childhood and the nursery rhyme:

"Twinkle, twinkle, little star".

As their lights pulsate in the sky like an heartbeat;

I stared on in awe of their beauty

Made more aesthetic by the reflection nebulae.

Thinking of the astronomical distance those lights traverse before reaching my sight

Made me shudder

But the vast distance didn't hinder their lights from getting to Earth

"Neither should difficulties hinder me for achieving my goals", I said to myself

Perhaps, I had found the solace I sought at the courtyard in the stars.

As my body began groaning and aching, craving the comfort of my bed

With weary eyes, yawning mouth and an upbeat heart

I wished the Stars; good night

As I whisked out of the courtyard

6. Smile is a gift

Smile is that gift:

That can't be wrapped in a box

But can be given to friends, family neighbours and even strangers through selfless acts.

Smile is that gift bestowed on us by nature;

To relieve us from the pressure within and out

People can put on a fake smile but it wanes quickly

On the faces of millions of people on earth there is something missing

And it's Smile!

In a world filled with corruption, competition, anguish, cruelty, poverty

Many have no reason to smile.

7.The Pen lights the world

Think of the world without writings

There will be:

No scripture; to lead

No literature; to read

The future can't be planned

For the knowledge of the past won't be retrieved

The world would be a dull place to live.

But Writers light up our world;

And made it a place of fun and learning


Often on my own; homebound

Sitting in the compound with quietness around

In my mind thoughts; abound

The sound of silence is a science

It sounds better to ears than any sweet music in existence

Life is sweeter in solemn dreams

For love, hate, even death come swift and away on the wing of silence

The sounds of silence creates greatmen and monsters too

What impact does silence have on you?

Expecting your feedback, Merci beaucoup 😊

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Written by   199
7 months ago
Topics: Poetry
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Your poems are nice. I can see originality in them. I was able to relate with some of them.


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7 months ago

Wowwww. These are amazing. I could just connect with each of the poems, particularly the one on Trust. Bravo!

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7 months ago