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To feel love, learn to love yourself first

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1 year ago

Self-love includes self-satisfaction, confidence and appreciation, just as someone loves and cares about music, loves his last work and cares about it, and strives to develop himself and achieve the best levels and results in it, and as one of them loves to study and strive to succeed and excel, we must love ourselves and our bodies. The self is the basis of success and self-confidence, it is the beginning to the path of struggle and self-affirmation. Here are some of the keys that help you to love yourself.

How to love yourself

First, why should you love yourself?

1- The human soul by its nature is pure .. it bears all the good .. but with the passage of life .. all that changes ,, and in order to resist all the difficulties and problems of life, we must love ourselves so that we can restore to it its pure nature and all the good that it endures, so that it can live Correct method and have a positive and effective role in the society in which you live

2- The love of man for himself, which is based on the love of God and affected by the light of faith, he heals from psychological disorders and diseases, and gives him peace of mind and heart, as well as preserves him peacefully on the path of his life, to grow and achieve himself.

Second, how do you love yourself?

Before answering the question, there are many people saying that it is impossible to love themselves, or that themselves do not deserve to be loved.

This is not true, because every soul is different from the other, and God created us different. It is the right of every soul to deserve to love, and there is nothing impossible.

1- Self-love is based on accepting oneself as it is

You can, by your own will, prepare yourself for acceptance of yourself and acceptance of your reality, so a person must accept his form and be convinced of it, and accept his social and economic conditions, as self-acceptance frees it from all restrictions.

2- Stop self-flagellation

Do not judge yourself, you must acknowledge your mistakes instead of condemning yourself, and you must correct what can be fixed, and have confidence in your abilities, and that you are able to change your life for the better always.

3- Do what you love

Do things that please yourself, support your soul always with the joyful things that make life colorful in the colors of happiness, try to be always elegant, and when you wake up from sleep every morning say to yourself: “I will spend the day happy.” Happiness comes from the depths of the soul, and one becomes happy as much In him, he intends to make himself content with whatever he is.

4- Take care of your body

One of the most important signs of self-love is respect for your body and attention to it and its health, through exercise. People with unhealthy bodies or who are obese are often people who are not satisfied with themselves and do not have great self-confidence, so you should pay attention to improving your lifestyle for the better In order to reach self-love and self-satisfaction.

5- Set your goal in life

Have a goal that you set for your life and your future, on the condition that that goal fits with your physical and mental capabilities, and fits with your potential.

6- Be beautiful and discover the beauty of yourself

You have to accustom yourself to seeing beauty in everything, and the first of those things is seeing beauty in yourself and yourself, after that you will see true beauty in everything that your eyes see.

7- Boost your capabilities

If your culture is limited, buy books and read them, or start learning a new language, or attend a poetry evening, or a cultural seminar to enhance your culture and your abilities that increase your self-confidence and make you feel good about yourself.

8- Forgive and help others

Helping others and giving them a hand will make you feel that you have done something useful for them, and that your presence in life is useful and important to those around you, forgive and do not leave yourself to hate, hate and revenge, for a tolerant person is comfortable in heart and thought, and feels contentment and comfort in his life. Yourself before looking for the love of others, as Oscar Wilde said: "Loving oneself with depth and sincerity is the beginning of an eternal romantic story."

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Written by   52
1 year ago
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Thanks for this. Some people are not taking this as important and i think this is ur first step to feel love and be loved by people

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1 year ago

You can't give what you don't have. Of you don't love yourself successfully you cannot love someone else

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1 year ago

Oh our articles is connected thanks for writing the same topic with me 😍

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1 year ago

Let love be the first and it doesn't matter if it is the end of the two in love but you are right

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1 year ago

Give the love you seek

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1 year ago