Flowee Pay release, what did we add this time?

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2 years ago
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Tonight Flowee Pay released the 2021.06.3 version of the Flowee payment solution, or wallet. Flowee aims to accelerate the world to a Bitcoin Cash economy and realizes that a user friendly and private wallet is going to make a big difference.

A good wallet takes thousands of little features, many of them invisible until you need them. This release adds a bunch simple ones, lets go over some of them.

One subtle change is that we now show the recent timestamp much more accurate. Instead of showing a simple "today" there now is a "9 hours ago", or a "12 minutes ago timestamps, updated continuesly without need to refresh.

The lists can now also be scrolled by the arrow-keys and similar, scrolling smoothly.

We now recognize cash-fusion transactions and display all the details for clarity.

We detect moves within a wallet. Instead of showing only the fee paid, the right column shows the amount moved.

The wallet will now sync not just with one peer but with two random peers in order to catch any peers witholding transactions from us.

Wallet details with a nice indication of when the last block was.

A new option has been added that helps developers, --offline can be passed to avoid any downloads starting and thus make it faster to startup after editing some of the QML user interface descriptions.

More changes can be found in the history listed on gitlab.

To find out more about Flowee Pay, including download locations, please visit flowee.org/products/pay

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Topics: Bitcoincash, Wallet