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3 years ago

Greetings from me to you. How's everybody doing? Fine? Well, good.

Amidst this pandemic we seek other source of income to compensate for our other daily needs. It had been almost a month since I have signed up here and tried to interact with other users. It had been a busy month for me these past days as I maximize my time for other source of income. It was also the time when the season for farming is at its peak. This explains why I wasn't able to go online.

The exhaustion from the farm works were too draining to the bones. All you wanna do after a day's endeavor is to sleep like a snake. That you may regain strength for the following days hustle with the mud.

As for this platform,I have observed that this was a good platform because it allows anyone to do freewriting, so far.. And from it one can earn bitcoin cash from therandomrewarder or other generous users.

Actually, this is another introductory article of me because as a new user, I have been actively interacting here for just couple of week since I registered. For sure, those whom I have made conversation with have already forgotten the me. Is it even necessary to introduce myself again? It is. It establishes rapport from among users and a way of engagement for those who are also like me who shares the same interests.

My names not actually emghee. I decided to use my given names initial as my screen name in this platform to keep my privacy. Another privileged we have here. There is no need to use our true names if we don't feel like it.

According to the platform's rules, we can write anything under the sun but not to go against the rules. This rule is not to attact others may it be in writing articles, short posts or comments. Simple as it is but it is what keeps friendly and toxic free.

I can only write things which I can relate to and things which I have experienced. I don't have much knowledge on crypto, expect I won't be writing about it. But I do love to read crypto contents and this is a perfect site to learn about it especially bitcoin cash. I hope one day, I would also be able to write my crypto experiences when I have tried and learned it.

I hope to find friends here..

Have a good day and let's all sail away..!


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3 years ago