Starting With My BCH Journey

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3 years ago

Everyone's talking nothing but about bitcoin cash. Honestly speaking, I knew less about digital money until I stumbled upon this platform about two months ago. I was able to learn its history and its adaptation of the true money for the mass people from the original coin, bitcoin.

Indeed the true money for the people

When I first came here I have learned that many are spreading bitcoin cash on social media especially facebook. It was to spread the awareness by doing advertisements. If one person is really interested with it, he will try to go on and check it out. And if wanted to learn he will go beyond reading in this platform to learn more about bitcoin cash.

More and more people are adapting bitcoin cash and it is gaining more supporters as well. One example of this as we can see is the pumping of our favorite coin to the moon. Now the price is at $800+.

Way better than saving your money in the bank

Bch does not only offer very low transaction fee. It is the hope for the people especially those who are below the middle line like me. Though I have not bought any bitcoin cash yet, I have observed that one's earning here will grow in no time when the price pumps. I only have $9.47 on my dashboard and as of this writing it went up to $12 point something, for example. So I have earned from the profit $2 point something. While a bank savings would grow a profit like that depending on the amount you saved or saving.

I have learned a little about buying low and selling high. With the profit to be used wisely, some convert it to usdt to avoid volatility of the price and when the price dumps they will buy some more bch with it. Others also use their profit in binance to buy other cryptos. Because, I am still a noob, I still can't discuss much.


I didn't think about earning when I came here because I knew nothing about writing. So I just wrote what I had observed when I signed in and made an introductory article about me. Thankfully, there are generous users who upvoted my write-ups. Since, we are being paid with bitcoin cash that's why there are lots of articles regarding it. I read silently and commented on them according to my understanding. And because I was just a newbie in this crypto world that some of my comments were a little bit off and again, grateful I am that the author corrected and explained further on the reply section.

I have seen that there were lots of people from all walks of life trying to spread the word about bch. Many were also aspiring to hold 1BCH or more before the year ends. It was because of the prediction of the greatest supporter of bch, sir Marc deMesel- bch hitting $30k.

I was even more amaze to have read articles which are mind blowing written by students, professionals, stay at home moms, and many others. Despite of who they are, still they strive to be goal oriented when it comes to spreading and earning bch. Kudos to them.

And because I have been offline for quite sometime that I just came back this past week. I tried to write and publish another article and it was tipped by the bot. It feels amazing.

I don't have any plan of withrawing it yet that's why I installed as recomended by users. I planned to hold it there and try to reach 1Bch.

Is it late to do so? I think not. There's no such thing as late when we really want to achieve one thing.

I may not be good in writing most especially when it comes to crypto but I will surely try other niche. The bot may come and go but I hope that

Ending thoughts

Bitcoin cash is truly the coin for the people. It is not only trying to prove itself to the world what it really is but a life changing opportunity to have it.

As a noob, I have observed it is making its way to where it rightly belong. And with the help of platforms like this, we can make it possible.

Way to go bitcoin cash! Ahhhoooooh!


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