Who do u say I am

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3 years ago

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Christ asks, "Who do u say I am?"

Our Savior!

But savior from what? In our spiritual infancy, we want Christ to save us from pain & worry. This view makes us spoiled brats, complaining at every discomfort like the Israelites did in their 40-yr journey in Moses' time.

Christ was sent by our Father to walk w/ us thru every season of our lives toward the promised homeland.

Journeying w/ Christ is never boring. There's a time for everything, a time to feast & a time to fast, a time to laugh & a time to cry, a time to die & a time to rise again.

Christ NEVER leaves us as we die to our old lives, whether it takes 40 yrs or 3 days, until we rise w/ Him, spiritual giants ready for the new life that God has made beautiful in His time.

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