Keep holy the Lord's Day

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WORD Today


Ez 18:25-28

Phil 2:1-11

Mt 21:28-32

Today's Gospel presents 2 types of children. The first are tax collectors, prostitutes and drug addicts - rebellious sinners who say NO to the Father's Commandments. But later in life they repent and try to make up. The second type are those who heartily say YES to Jesus' Commandment "love one another." But in their heart they condemn sinners to death.

The 1st Reading warns us that it's the first type that enters heaven. But throughout our lives we can be like children on a playground, swinging back and forth between Yes and No.

The 2nd Reading presents to us a third type of child who said Yes and never wavered. The Son Jesus, sent by our Father to die for all of us swingers.

Today is His Day. Let us say Yes to the 3rd Commandment "Keep holy the Lord's Day" and go to Holy Mass.

Happy Lord's Day!

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