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Are you tired with life? Is there any point in living?

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8 months ago

WORD Today


Eccl 1:2-11

Lk 9:7-9

Life is so meaningless!

We labor all our life, then end up with nothing but failed dreams, heartache from people we loved, ingratitude from those we helped, illness from our hard work. And when we're dead, we and everything we have done are forgotten. (1st Reading)

In the Gospel, evil King Herod was curious about Jesus. But that was all. He never moved from curiosity to conversion, choosing a hollow life till the meaningless end.

Are you tired with life? Is there any point in living?

Maybe you are trying to make a life based on what you think life should be and live it by your own rules. How about trying full commitment to Jesus and His Gospel.

With Jesus, life has purpose and meaning. Errors are forgiven, second chances never end, He makes all things new. And every sacrifice done for Him is applauded by all of heaven, recorded and treasured for all eternity!

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