Angel of God, my guardian dear

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3 years ago

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Ex 23:20-23

Mt 18:1-5, 10

When we were children we learned the beautiful prayer, "Angel of God, my guardian dear."

Today is the Feast of the Guardian Angels. In God's love, He commits an angel to each of us to guard us from birth to death to the gates of heaven. "I am sending an angel before you, to guard you on the way and bring you to the place I have prepared." (1st Reading)

They go up to heaven to report our situation, petitions and actions (Gospel). They come down to bring us God's message and grace. Legions of them worship God with us at each Mass.

Angels are not dainty ladies or fat babies. Created before us and higher than us, they are immensely powerful creatures whose mission is to serve and protect us on our journey home. But they are powerless if we do not become like children and allow them "to light and guard, to rule and guide" us.

Let us always pray for their help.

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This prayer/mantra is unknown to me before I watched a teleserye years back ago. I can't remember the title of the primetime bida serye. Thanks to that, I now knew the guardian angel prayer/mantra.

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3 years ago

Good to hear that my friend. Ever since I was a kid it was the prayer before and after of my class., even I can’t speak it correctly.

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3 years ago