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Copyright is the ownership of talent. Copyright is not just about a book. Apart from books there are a few other areas where copyright can be claimed. Such as movies, music or dramas, software etc. In order to protect the copyright of these, the author or creator should register his work. Copyright is the exclusive right of the creator to any creative and original work. If someone is infringing copyright infringement, it is convenient to get legal remedy against them. To apply for copyright registration of any work, one has to collect the prescribed application form from the copyright office located at Sher-e-Bangla Nagar. Let's find out what is copyright key and registration rules.


Copyright can be registered for both published and unpublished works of art. He will have the copyright of the work for the life of the artist and for 60 years after his death. In the case of works of art and software, the registration process is the same and similar documents have to be submitted. Fio is the same. However, three copies of the work of art must be pasted on cardboard with the application.


The lyricist and composer of the music is the legal composer and copyright owner. Vocalists, producers and broadcasting organizations are entitled to related rights. However, copyright and related rights are basically the same rights. Music can be registered in both published and unpublished cases. The copyright of the lyricist and composer is 60 years after life and death.

#Remedy for copyright infringement

If someone copies a book or a work by an author or creator, both civil and criminal can seek redress. Copyright infringement can result in up to four years in prison and a minimum of six months in prison. A maximum fine of Tk 2 lakh and a minimum fine of Tk 50,000. In case of film, the maximum penalty is five years and the minimum is one year and the maximum fine is Rs 5 lakh and the minimum is Rs 1 lakh.
















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