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7 months ago

Last 10 years ago, while we were riding on a boat to the place where my grandpa and grandma living, my sister suddenly ask my mother." Mama, what in there?" she asked pointed to the edge of the cliff. My mother answered " shhh, keep quite its stone , its an awesome , right? My sister got confused of what she'd seen afar. " No mama its not a stone, its waving us."

Then suddenly one of our companion at that boat, interrupted her." Okay, darling, its a kind of our friend. Just ignore it, don't look at it. Much better you to look at those water , the blue sea its calm and so beautiful." the man told and convince her . But my sister keep on looking at the top of cliff where our boat passing its side of that cliff.

Instead of obeying of the advice of that man, my sister shouted at it continuously. " Who are you? Can we be friends? Hey come on , jump over here. Faster were running out of time. Come here, faster....don't be scared of us. Yooohhooooooo, she shouted come over here.

Then suddenly the strong wind blew and the big waves came and crashed into our boat. Because of that strong wind , all the passenger were got panic. All things there were scattered and scrumbled all the way.

Someone shouted in a big loud voice. "Please don't go with us , we are just passing by with no harm at your pace. We don't want to be friends with you. We are just passer's by, we don't intend you to disturb at your peace and calm sleep. We are sorry for the disturbance made by this young little child. For give us and allow us to continue our journey". Strong and big wave crashed into our boats once again. And we all sink into the deep blue sea.

Its just like I am dreaming at that time., I heard the bubles of water groaning in far away .... And I felt that Im going into sleep again , that my body like carrying heavy loads and my eyes were closed.

But suddenly someones waking me up from my deep sleep like. But the fact Im drowning instead of sleeping. I'm back to my senses when already at the surface top of the wood where mother brought me in. I swallowed a lot of water, then it brings me to keep on vomitting and coughing that time. Then again I remembered what happened, it was the strong wind and big waves. But what happened, to those people around me, how about my sister? Why is it happening like that when the weather is just so calm now. Is it just a quick typhone, or a bad weather that comes along our way? Or is it because my sister shouted at the creature where she seen and told that its waving at here? Why is that so? These were lot of questions in my head whom I can't asked someone that time.

When my mother came back at me, She give me dry clothes and let it change with the wet one clothes. I asked all those question to her. And she even stared or look at me, no words come out to her tounge. Instead of answering my questions, she asked me too if there is still pain that I feel. Then she gave me food to eat.

But to my surprise , why is it all is in order? No ones get hurt , all things is in order and no ones get wet too, asides of me and my mother. "WHat's really happening here? I asked my mother. She touched my hair and wipe with dry towel. She smiled at me and said, don't worry my brave son, it's okay now. Just finish your food and let your hair dry soon. Your sister looking at you.

What's really happening on me? When I splashed back all the things happened before I'm drowning at the sea, I remember all. There is strong wind and a big wave going to our boat, and I clearly seen at my two eyes that this boat was going to sink. SO,why should it happened like this? Am I dreaming under the sea? How am I going there? These are all remain unanswered question through out my life.

___________________The end________________________

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This is fiction story only, random thoughts came up my mind, hope you enjoyed reading this article of mine.Hope you can bear my wrong grammar. I'm not good at it. Please hit thumbs up button if you like this short story.

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Written by   3
7 months ago
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Cool, keep writing. I'm also a fiction story writer 🤭

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7 months ago

Thank you for the compliment. Yes I wil.

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7 months ago