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About Life

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7 months ago

Every day of our Life

As we gone through our daily routine. We encounter different situition, or sometimes we have some difficulties. Some unexpected happening, some as usual no changes at all. Every morning we wake up , eat our breakfast and go to work if you have work. But even if you are not employed or what we called a jobless one, but still you have some task to do at home for your family or even for yourself too.

Through the whole year of our life.

We been so many years in this world. If you are still young then you have still more years to undergo in this world. We manage every now and then facing those harships in our life. WE are very thankful if we been through that kind of happenings in our life. Problem and poverty makes our life stronger and wiser than before facing it all, it's just like our solving problem activity at school. Making trial and error , experiment on how to make it. Overcoming it all is the big achievement in life. Then another set of problems ecountered and so on. It is said that we can harvest the labor of our life if we go on to the finishing line. IF we don't surrender then we can get the reward and a lot of award awaited us. Even in life, even if you are not that kind of person, even if you quite all your dreams, but still you can countinue it by pursuing and finding another option. Who knows that you will be successful in other field. There will be lot of under graduate or not a college graduate or a degree holder, but they are now asuccessful businessmen/women.

Dream Big

If you are one of a kind that is jobless now and a father or mother not even going to college and had already a family then continue to live your life that is full of dream and goal in life. I am not encouraging not to continue your studies, to those student here, but you have to strive hard to get your goal in life. Finish your degree, so that you may not like us whose life be in miserable one for looking some job. Most of company right now are looking for those college graduate. So you who are still studying, just focus in your studies and find some ways to pursue it. It is really hard if you can't get your diploma for looking some works it is required.

I am encouraging for those who can't make it because of some reason, we have to go on dreaming big. DOn't look down yourself because of that reason that you are not graduated for any course. There is still a lot of ways , find people that had positive thinking. Make friends them, go away with your friends that's always making gossip everyday about your neighbors or etc. THere will be a lot in internet if you wanted to have some any ideas of what you like to.

I am buying a very very cheap sewing machine at the price of three hundred plus and I bought it in shoppee. I made our cutain by the help of that machine. And I have a lot of stuff to do now. I am planning now to make some pillows and sell it in online so that I can help my wife from our financial problem. I never give up , I am still studying everything. I am just like a student right now , more knowledge more income to come. Even though we are still struggling now with our financial budget but thank God we are not starving. Just keep in believing yourself, maybe the right position and right work not yet to come . Be patience and be wise then for you and for your entire family as well.

Just live your life to the fullest, even if you failed in so many times about decision making but don't stop , just go on. There will be the light and the right way ahead of you.

Thank you for all of you , who are reading this article. Hope you give a thumbs up if you like. Thanks for doing it and reading this. Keep going safe all of us.

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Written by   3
7 months ago
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