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A Happy Delivery Rider

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4 months ago

Despite being hot temperature as of today, I manage to do my work as a rider. After hitting the pandemic, this is my life exposed to the sun. Every day I wake up early in the morning to prepare for myself. Sometimes, I got more than one thousand a day but there are times that I have no delivery and I may go home early. I can say that this I earned is much more than of being employed and a fixed rate. So I would say that this is much better compare to have employed somewhere else at minimum wages. That is why I decided to continue this part-time as a full-time.

Maybe if I may not be here as a rider, my wage is not enough for my family. In which we had a lot of bills. We don't have our own home, in short, we rented a room in order for us to have shelter. So I would say that this is much better work than before, although I don't have benefits like if you if you're under from an employer, just like before.

But it is okay, I apply as a voluntary member so that I can continue my contribution for SSS, Philhealth, and in Pag-ibig. We did it with my partner in life for preparation for our future. Until now we still don't have any savings at the bank. My income is just for our daily needs and to pay for all the bills monthly. But anyhow I am very thankful for we don't have much debt. Hopefully soon, we can have our savings.

As of now, my income is not like before because there were a lot of riders nowadays. But I never lose my hope, I know one day, we will manage to have it, and I have to keep on doing good at my job. Even if there were times, I've got a fake book.

I am glad, most of the time there was a generous customer whom they give some tips. And today, I receive a sack of 5kilos rice. I am very thankful to that client of mine. They had their foundation, and they give groceries to some people there, in a place where I delivered their orders. Only a few clients are not good, but most of them were good. We, being the rider, we were happy if there were celebration or seasons, or holidays like Christmas seasons, new Year and like Mother's day or father's day, etc. Coz we've got a lot of booking for deliveries. And most riders were glad of it. We can get more incentives, more than we expect from regular days. Especially tomorrow, it's our busiest day. A lot of deliveries and all riders will no vacant time or spare time. And by the way, advance greetings from me " Happy Mother's Day " to all mothers throughout the globe. Hope you all will enjoy your day.

Being a rider, you need to be patient and be calm at all times. There were times that I got clients that so very ohhh, I don't want to mention it here. And for me, you can also tell those clients that so ironic person to be prepared all the time when they are ordering. Because every second and minute for us(rider) are precious and golden. Because after 20 minutes of waiting and the client don't show up or even replying to the messages or not answering the call we made, then we report that customer to our customer service and we file that booking as fakebook so that we can claim reimbursement, the money we paid to the merchant. And we need to take a photo of that place (or clients' addresses) as proof. Then the items we bought were

I am now molding a family, so here I am. This is a great opportunity of mine, being a rider. And this is only the source of income I have. And I am happy with this kind of work.

As of now, my girlfriend has no work. And I need to double my earnings, to sustain our daily needs and also for some future expenses. I don't have to surrender, because sometimes I almost give up and I say to myself it's not that easy to have a family. And this is only the beginning and I need to have a positive mindset. That this is all temporary, we can overcome it all. I need to be thankful for this kind of job, for some of the people out there, had no work. Some had worked but alternate. And maybe some are still looking for a job to earn for their livings.

And for being an explorer, now I'm here at read. cash and thanks to this platform I had now my extra income. Even if I earned here a little but it gives more contribution for my savings at my crypto wallet. And hopefully, I can write more here.

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Thank you for reading everyone,I hope you like this article of mine. Just hit like if you like.

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Written by   3
4 months ago
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