Our kind celebration of Traditional Festival in Bukidnon

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THE TRADITIONAL FESTIVAL Of the native Filipinos.

2 years ago since we don't celebrate festival due to COVID pandemic. Some areas in the Philippines particular in our province in Bukidnon, every year in the month of July we celebrate some occasions like; Nutrition Month, Fiesta (a religious Festival ) and ARAW NG MATIGSALUG this celebration belongs to the native people in Sinuda (Simod) called “ The Matigsalug manobo tribe community”.

For those people here on readcash who aren’t not a filipino citizens, Fiesta means SEASONS in other countries. In the Philippines it is traditionally called FIESTA, a joyful celebration for Roman Catholics. This season Filipinos held to celebrate a patron saint like OUR LADY OF MOUNT CARMEL (it started when the first colonizers noticed the early Filipinos' love for celebrations, we used fiestas as our way of giving thanks to God for abundance of blessings, continue praying for more to celebrate so our families will get together and also to appreciate every filipinos out there.

The celebration has evolved into a Five (5) days series of events like nutrition month, Roman Catholic celebration, Palaro contest, Motor Cross, Pageants, live band and other fun-filled activities. Sample of palaro contest are the following:

1. Culliot (tug of war)

2. Kadang-Kadang (stilt race)

3. Karera ng Sako (sack race)

4. Paluan ng Palayok (hit the earthen pot)

5. Habulan ng Baboy (chase and catch the pig)

6. Patintero and many more traditional games.

The five days celebrations:

  • First day- NUTRITION MONTH is the annual campaign awareness celebration, everyone is invited to join with, especially the elementary students to learn more about making informed about Go Grow & Glow foods to develop healthy eating and physical activity habits of the filipinos. I love this kind of event because I saw a lot of colorful fruits & vegetables. Some groups will do distribute feedings with healthy (lugaw) for the malnourished kids.

  • Second day- Celebrate Fiesta of our patron OUR LADY OF MOUNT CARMEL - On this special day, we come together in prayer and thanksgiving for the abundance blessings that we have received in the past year and we continue to pray for more blessings in the years ahead, in our lives as well as those of our family, relatives and friends for more blessing & harvest.

Happy fiesta our lady of carmel members and all together, let us face tomorrow bravely and let us shine all together as one community.
Salo-salo after the Mass has ended.

I was born and raised in this kind of community the Matigsalug tribe ( I am pure Visaya that's my native language)Visaya or common known as Cebuanos, My Father was born in Cebu & my mother was born in Zamboanga Del Sur and raised in cebu) I don't have any blood related to Matigsalug Tribe or the manobo tribe but most of my brothers got married to a MATIGSALUG woman. I was born and raised in this town so automatically i adopted their culture.

  • Third day- TRADITIONAL GAMES O PALARO I : Pageant /Volleyball / Basketball and other minor games / Live Band & Disco

Mutya Ng MATIGSALUG 2022 is candidate #5 Christine Faith P. Gawilan Congratulations!👏

You know what? the exciting part with this kind of activity is for the youth to have a chance to play local or traditional Philippine games that past generations do. look at what most children are playing now!

During fiestas this is the only time our kids and colleagues will participate playing and experience the traditional games or palaro. Because of the new generation now, hardly can you find kids playing indigenous Philippine games like patintero, palo-sebo, Motorcross, kadang-kadang and karera sa sako and other traditional games. It happened due to our fast technology.

Nowadays kids prefer to play games via online like Mobile Legend, Coin Master, Facebook, Instagram and others. This is the result of what technology has done to the new generation. Most of them are always handheld gadgets.
  • Fourth Day - TRADITIONAL GAMES O PALARO II. main game Volleyball / Basketball / Motocross / and other minor games / Live Band & Disco Dance . In line with this activity the young generations are given the opportunity to play, learn, enjoy and experience the traditional sports, traditional art of music which their ancestors played during their time. And, it would be great if they can pass it on to the coming generations. Most importantly, they don't forgot our culture.

Live band
  • Fifth day - ARAW NG MATIGSALUG This is the traditional celebration to all native people in the said community. which means celebrating oneness of our native culture, we do parades, Street dance contests and many more.

Hopefully, the community members will continue to support the advocate for their ancestors to be not forgotten. And continue holding this similar activities together with school officials to further promote Philippine traditional games. And for parents, to introduce their children to indigenous games for them to engage in physical activities to make them healthier as well.

Thank you for reading my story.

To my likers, upvoters And commenters Thank you so much for helping me out to start here in readcash and spending time reading my STORIES & RECIPES of the day. This is me @TigerBCH willing to share with you my co-readcash.

I want to connect with other people while enjoying reading different stories, different recipes and ect. see you at the next story. God bless everyone.

Date Published: July 16, 2022

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Wow five days celebration sis? Ka nice man anang 5 days celebration ninyo. For sure lingaw jud kaayo na ba.

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1 year ago

Yes sis lingaw jud kaayo mag Ligo sa ulan ky grabi jud ka lapok sa dalan due to heavy rain. Pero the event still continue. Ahaha ulan Ra ni nag enjoy me padayon sa dula ah. Ahaha

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1 year ago

Good to read about the seasonal festival of filipino. Cultures should be preserved and promoted like this. Traditional ganes like sac race, hit the earthen pot are also common here. Keep up with your writing.

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1 year ago

Thank you so much UnrealWriter for the good comment. Yes true culture should be preserved. 🙏

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1 year ago

hello ate good evening. what an interesting article you have. it's just like our Sinulog here in Cebu full of happiness thanking and praising Senior Sto. Niño

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1 year ago

Hello Susan good evening pod sa imo. Yes bitaw interesting jud Ning mga festival diri sa pinas ay. Ma excited jud ta bast coming na Ang Fiesta sa ato ba. Hehe we are always looking forward for the upcoming events. Lagi layo naka abang sa Oras Ng disco ahaha. Daghan salamat sa pag support San. God bless you always.

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1 year ago