My journey After my niece had CKD Septic Shock sepsis infection.

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#Part 2 
(2nd hospitalization of my niece)

During her dialysis treatment on May 30, 2022 We have a dialysis schedule for the 2nd shift. While (my Niece ) is in the treating room at Lavie Dialysis center she felt some cold and got chilled for a couple of minutes to hours until she had a high fever and her whole body turned to red and got passed out and collapsed, abnormal blood pressure, oxygen level get low,and nausea.

We are unaware of the problems and we expect she’ll be better in a while after taking some Biogesic to lower the fever. After an hour she's still not ok, so I called her doctor to ask about the result of his observation on Mye’s case. The doctors and nurses wondered what happened with my niece. They decided not to continue the dialysis treatment for the day and nurses gave some medication na pang pakalma sa chilling niya. Pero nag allergic reaction siya kasi namumula lahat ng balat niya after. sepsis infection was very hard to detect and needed more laboratories to know if she is already infected due to her IG tube the (hemodialysis catheter access) for cleaning the toxins in the blood.

The doctor gave some advice to go to an emergency hospital for more laboratories so that we can find out what is the reason for the fever & chilling. But Mye (My niece) declined the doctor's advice and instead she chose to talk to her nephrologist doctor for more clarification of what she felt. I just said ok and respected her decision and we went home and still she didn't go to her specialist doctor for a check up. All she wanted was to rest. But deep in my side it was already scary and bothered me most. I have a doubt that she has something inside like an infection due to her IG, a hollow tube or hemodialysis catheter access for the blood cleaning port (exchanging blood). All we have to do at this moment is always look after her check on here from time to time.

When we woke up in the morning of May 31, 2022 at 6am after I preferred My niece breakfast, we noticed that she couldn't stand up here anymore. It looks like she's bedridedn person. I look at her hand, head to toe it has already become the color purple blue looks like. I am worried and panicked at this time, I don't know what to do first. But I need to stay calm so that the patient is also calm.

After I spoke to her brother & sister I already took her to the Emergency hospital again for the 2nd time around. The diagnosis was due to septic shock sepsis infection. Her IG, a hollow tube or hemodialysis catheter access found at the right side of her neck, was taken off and another one access was operated on since it infected her right side. She underwent another operation on the left portion of the neck and suddenly it was clogged and not good for exchanging blood. So the doctor had no other option where to put the IG tube hemodialysis catheter for her dialysis since the left side was clogged. The last choice is at her groin area (sa singit) temporarily near women's private parts.

During sepsis, your immune system, which defends you from germs, releases a lot of chemicals into your blood. This triggers widespread inflammation that can lead to organ damage. Without timely treatment, sepsis can rapidly lead to tissue damage, organ failure, and death.

Some symptoms if you have Sepsis:

  • *Drop in blood pressure.

  • Rapid heartbeat & respirations (breathing)

  • fever, Chilling (shivering), or feeling very cold,

  • Little or no urine output.

  • Skin rash or change of skin color.

  • extreme pain or discomfort.

Mye (my niece) is so blessed and strong, a fighter, and has a positive mind set to fight everything she encounters. I know we’re not alone in this battle. with that... I would like to express my deepest gratitude and my appreciation to my Family and friends for the continuous support with my niece's medication and all other support that we need since day 1 till now. We will be forever grateful to everyone who is part of this journey. If we are given a chance we will pay it forward.

How to recover from sepsis?

Most people make a full recovery from sepsis. But it can take time. You might continue to have physical and emotional symptoms. These can last for months, or even years, after you have sepsis. The status of my niece now is stable and still undergoes dialysis treatment 3 times a week ( Monday , Thursday & Saturday). We always include her in our prayer. God is Good all the time.

Thank you for reading my story. God bless us all.

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Date Published: July 19, 2022

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My mother-in-law is currently in icu and had septic shock which got me here. I am hoping for your niece to get better soon. 🫰🫰🫰

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OMG sis, praying for your mother's fast recovery. Mahirap pag nasa ICU sis. Ako sinabihan din ako Ng doctor namin na need e ICU niece ko para ma totokan Ng isan nurse. Kasi daw masilan yong sepsis na case. Pero d kami pumayag sis Kasi Ang mahal sa ICU 30k Isang Araw. Nagpa private room lng kami pero totok na totok kami sa patient pag walang nurse available. Kasi Minsan d ko ma feel hininga Niya. But God is good talaga sis yong mga prayers talaga malaki Ang impact. Sa awa Ng Dios nakalabas na kami Ng hospital pero yong blood culture Niya menomonitor parin. Bukas mag dadialysis na Namin kami. Kasi 3 times a week parin Siya mag dialysis. Pray natin mama mo sis. Trust God Hindi Niya Tayo pababayann. God will help and bless your mother in law. Just trust him.

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