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8 months ago

I saw a book in my school library few weeks ago and I decided to take it and read it. The title of the book is growing in wisdom and Faith written by Elizabeth George. There were so many lessons I learnt while reading this book. It opened my eyes to so many things. You need to read it too. I'll be sharing some lessons I learnt.

The lessons are ;

If your mouth is open your ears are always shut.

When God created us, he gave us two ears and one mouth. It shows that we should listen more and talk less. People today, talk more than they listen.

Do not hold the faith of Christ with partiality

You don't have to be partial in the house of God. We should not favour the rich more than the poor. We should all be equal in the presence of God because God is not partial. HE will reward everyone according to his/her works.

It is better to be rich in faith than rich in fund

Anyone that is rich in faith has everything spiritually and is satisfied even physically. He has everything. One should not totally focus on funds. Look at Lazarus.

Give till the Savior stops giving to you

This shows the importance of giving. You must give always as long as we have what we can give out.

Faith is nurtured & strengthened by reading, hearing aid sharing the Word

Our faith in Christ is nurtured and is strengthened by daily reading and meditation on the word of God. You must hear the word of God always, meditate on it everyday and share to others. In telling others about God, that will always serve as a reminder for us not to forget God.

Take every care not to teach your own opinion but the truth

When you are telling people about Christ, make sure that you are not preaching yourself, you are not telling your story. Do not preach what you think but tell the story of Christ.

Take every care not to contradict your teaching by your Life

Some people preach and say do as I say. Don't do as I do. That is wrong. You must let your lifestyle be patterned according to what you are teaching. Don't live the opposite of what you teach.

The candle lights others by consuming itself

The candle lights orders by consuming itself. This got me thinking deep. It has a very deep meaning. That means that as we are seeking the good of others. as we are telling others about Christ, inviting them unconsciously, we are draining our strength. We are consuming ourselves but God will always replenish us.

Uncontrolled desires lead to extreme violence a

Uncontrolled desires lead to extreme violence. When you have a desire to get something and you do not control that desire, it will lead to an extreme violence that you will want to get that thing by any means possible.

Guidelines for goal-setting;

Realise that only God knows your future.

Realise that God has a purpose for your life.

Realise that God may send interruptions into your perfect today.

Remember to pray over your plans and say 'if the Lord wills...

Thank you for your time 💖

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8 months ago


its a great book to learn from, give until the savior stops giving you whereas the savior can't stop, its forever.

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8 months ago

In all these my most favourite is better to rich in faith not to rich in fund

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8 months ago