Prolific review even though they won't let me play still the best survey site

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Signing up to prolific is a must if you are to earn some extra money online

So why have I not mentioned it before, well that is simply because I haven't been using it because something happened and I stopped getting studies, this happens if your a naughty boy and don't pay attention, despite me being careful?

But anyone someone said to me today that I should try again, so I thought yes ... yes random stranger on the internet that is exactly what I will do.

So today, I signed up to prolific once again with my same name and a different email address hoping they don't know it is me mwahaha

So I thought in the absence of me sharing about it before, I had best tell you a bit about it

What is prolific

Prolific, is mainly a platform for academics to post their research, that us lucky peeps get to complete for them, and then in return as long as we are good girls and boys, they give us money.

The studies are very varied, some general surveys, some scientific-based tasks, like looking at things making judgements, attempting to make ricin from castor beans.... you know the type of thing.

Signing up:

Signing up for survey sites is probably my least favourite thing to do as it can take a fair old while to do it.

First, all you need to do is share your name and email

Then you have to complete their first introductory study, which explains to you how the site works, and how to do their studies, was nice and easy, the bit that took the longest was there is the section where you have to, write a brief story about two superheroes from 6 selection, I chose Lord stapler and dr hexagon, and I got a little embroiled in the staplers origin story. So probably took an extra couple of minutes.

But it is easy to do and easy to follow as their studies are normally as well.

The about you section

The next part of signing up is a rather extensive about you section. 15 sections to complete these are important to do as it will impact what studies you get. From previous experience you need to complete all of these sections and get to 100% otherwise you won't get any studies.

It took me 21 minutes to complete the about you section which was rather laborious and repetitive.

One annoying aspect of this was that you thought you completed went back and there were unanswered questions, so kept going until they are complete, I got to 100% like 3 times only for there then to be more questions ARGH

But I think in the long run it is definitely worth the time, as this will hopefully open the gates to many surveys come flooding through the gates and big money.

That is the hope anyway


So, now that you have signed up you are sat there thinking, what is so good about this site that has just taken me half an hour to sign up to, well I shall tell you as best as my memory can make it.

The prime and ultimate reason why this site is so good is one very simple fact.... you make lots and lots of money from it.

The studies available are very much worth their time, and what I loved about prolific is that it tells you exactly how much you are going to earn and better yet how long it takes. Then even better if you don't like math, it will tell you what that hourly rate is.

They are normally very worthwhile doing, I can't think of looking at any and turning them down due to the time. This was however during those dark desperate days, where I would do surveys on Swagbucks and take a 50% chance at 50 Swagbucks for 10 minutes of work.

The next best thing is a solution to the bain of all those survey sites, the rotten and deplorable screen outs. You get an invite you are in, you complete it and do as your told you will get paid that is that.

This is where the time completing all those horrible repetitive about you questions pays dividends.

The negatives

There are always negatives it is the universe balancing itself out, we can't have one site solving all the survey problems in the past. But it does come close.

Downsides, well there is the fact that the surveys come and go quickly you got to be quick like a fox to get in there. You can miss out on quite a few, you end up refreshing the site quite often, there used to be a prolific add on which would give you alerts, but honestly, when I had it, it was not very good

Also the attention questions, we don't like them but we know that they are needed, pay attention otherwise you will find yourself losing out and firstly not getting paid for that study and then potentially not getting paid at all. This must be what I did, as someone who likes to do the surveys as passively as possible clicking mindlessly, I likely slipped into that mode, in the realms of when I shouldn't.

They punished me good


Should you sign up for this to make some extra money online. Yes absolutely you should, I am just sorry I haven't told you this earlier, but honestly the break up was hard on me. It wasn't until I was in a stable relationship with intellizoom that I could feel safe enough to talk about prolific.

Sign up here
This is the link to them, I'm ready to share the love, no referral for me again. You should know that if you don't treat them well I will get you

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