Why I do not recommend The Averatec 3200

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3 years ago

In May of 2004, I decided to purchase the Averatec 3200 Laptop because of it's reasonable $700 price range and extremely positive reviews from Best Buy. 

I needed a good laptop because I was working from home and the Averatec 3200 just seemed like a good choice. 

I was a novice at technology and so I relied on the big wig computer company to lead me in the right direction.

But, in January of 2005, I started to notice that the Averatec Laptop was getting very hot to the touch. My first initial thought was It just needed to be cleaned with a good electronic dust cleaner because I lived in an area where dust from the roads was a bit of a problem. 

So I purchased a can of duster to clear any dust that might have gotten inside of the Averatec. The solution seemed to resolve the issue or so I thought!

To my horror, a few weeks later, the laptop got so hot that it caused the internal connection plug to come loose. All of my hard-earned money wasted on a laptop that was now overheating.

Because I was working from home and the laptop was my only way of staying connected to the Internet, I was desperate for a solution. So I did some research on the Averatec 3200 and discovered I was not alone! 

In fact, there were so many complaints about that particular make and model overheating that I was really surprised that Best Buy had given it a rave review, to begin with! 

Once I dug a little further, I realized that other customers who had experienced the same problem with the internal connection plug had simply soldered the plug back as a solution. 

I'm not one that likes to give up easily, so I purchased a solder iron kit and decided to follow suit. The solution worked at first. Fast forward to about a month later and the laptop's internal connection plug became loose once again. 

Again I soldered that internal connection plug back into its place thinking I hadn't added enough solder to it. Wrong! 

Not even a week later and that internal connection plug had loosened again. It would be my last attempt at repairing the Averatec 3200 laptop as I finally realized after doing some further research, the company producing it was actually at fault.

You see, back then I was such a novice I never realized that when I made that purchase, the company never designed it with a cooling fan to allow airflow and keep the laptop from overheating in the first place! $700 wasted! 

Today, I'm much more knowledgeable about technology and that a built-in cooling fan is a must! I only wish that the company that built the Averatec 3200 had that same knowledge. Or perhaps they did and chose not to add a cooling fan or any real cooling vents except for the small tiny hole located at the back to save costs and make a bigger profit.

Any way you look at it, I do not recommend the Averatec 3200 to anyone looking for a decent laptop. 

In 2012, the Averatec company ceased its operations and no longer sells the laptops. However, I have noticed several websites that are still attempting to sell them to unsuspecting victims looking for a reasonable laptop. Beware! 

After my breakup with the Averatec brand, I upgraded to the HEWLETT PACKARD LAPTOP line and have not looked back since then.

I've had my latest HP for more than 5 years now and it's still going strong even today! 

So if you are working from home through this covid pandemic and need a reasonable, yet reliable laptop, I highly recommend the Hewlett Packard series! 

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3 years ago


Woah, that was quite some time ago i must say, but this is useful info for anyone who might actually buy this from someone who is selling this old model laptop nowadays... 💻

Anyway, kids these days learn about the latest tech faster than adults sometimes. 🙃

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3 years ago

Yes, exactly as I stated in my article. The problem is the laptops are still for sale today. And I still have that HP laptop!

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3 years ago

that is indeed a problem, because anyone that (re-)sells a faulty product like that feels like quite the scammer. lol. 😆

well that's one tough laptop then... 💪😅 our family desktop PC is something like 10+ years more or less, and is still alive, although i feel a replacement may be needed. 😂

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3 years ago