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Why Every Mom Needs CBD in Her Life

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1 month ago

Today has been one of those what I call, "a kicking it day." After an afternoon filled with recording several back-to-back episodes for my podcast, "The Fight Within Her,"  I wrote and published my article on The Benefits of Healthy Eating For ADHD and still had time to write two more articles. And this day is not yet over thanks to this momma's CBD oil. 

When I first discovered CBD a few years ago, I was leery of its benefits. Should I dare risk such a high price on a product I knew nothing about? What if the product didn't work? What if its benefits didn't last very long? 

There were so many unanswered questions that I didn't dare ask. I was afraid if I did, I would be judged for wanting to try a product that was once deemed illegal in the United States. 

Fast forward to less than a year ago when I had the opportunity again to try CBD. Because I thought at that time that my life was a  little less stressful and my motivation was on the downside I decided to give CBD a try as a last attempt to control my ADHD naturally. 

The first time I put those drops of CBD oil under my tongue I thought, "It's not going to work for me. This was a waste of my hard-earned money!" But then I felt this calm, and before I knew it I was able to focus on my work. My days usually consisted of a lot of distractions and procrastination, but at that very moment, I was in awe. "I thought, wow this stuff really does work." 

CBD quickly became a life changer for me and despite the original reason for my purchase (focus), it showed me that I had more stress and anxiety in my life than I had previously thought. With my anxiety down, I'm able to focus a lot more than I had without it in my life. I even discovered that the pain from my arthritis had subsided to a minimum, enough that I didn't need an over-the-counter pain medication! This was what natural health and living were truly all about! 

Yet even with major businesses carrying CBD, including local pharmacies, I know that CBD can still be taboo to many who fear that one word, illegal. Thankfully the product isn't illegal in most states as it had once been, but still leaves many to question what exactly is CBD, and is it worth the investment. 

CBD also known as cannabidiol, is a compound that is derived from hemp plants. It does not contain the THC (that high) compound that's also found in the plant. 

Unfortunately, there is a lot of confusion between hemp oil, hemp extract, and CBD. What you need to know is Hemp oil and extract are not the same as CBD. And just because CBD is legal at a state level, it doesn't mean it's legal on a federal level.

So what does it mean for you? If you work in a federal or government office or job, you probably shouldn't take CBD even if it is legal in your state, especially if you are prone to drug testing. You also will not be able to purchase it through online stores like Amazon or Walmart for the very same reason. 

If however, your job doesn't require a drug test and you work in an environment that isn't federal or government-related, CBD can be taken as long as you purchase it from a trusted source. Always read the labels and know that not all CBD products are created equally. To be legal at a state level, any CBD product must contain no more than 0.3 percent of THC in their product. 

Don't worry, that percentage is so low it will not give you that "high feeling." It can, however, show as a positive in a drug test, hence the reason it is illegal at a federal level. 

You also want to make sure that what you are buying says CBD (cannabidiol) somewhere on the packaging and not hemp-seed oil or cannabis sativa seed oil since neither contain CBD. 

And, you need to know how CBD can work for you. Not every health ailment can benefit from CBD. It can, however, provide a sense of calm for those with anxiety. It can also help with chronic pain like arthritis. 

I use my CBD oil at 1 to 2 drops per dose, once sometimes twice a day, but results will depend on your own specific needs. For most users, one 500 mg, 1 fl Oz bottle lasts me for about a month. For best results, however, your CBD product should be used daily for maximum benefits.  

So there you have it, my story as a work-from-home mom, about a little (well, to me) miracle bottle of CBD oil and its amazing benefits.  





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Written by   71
1 month ago
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