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What Are You Really Afraid Of

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3 months ago

Do you even really know what's keeping you from living your dream life? From doing every little thing your heart has ever desired. Why haven't you done it? 

Perhaps your mindset is focused on an excuse like time or no motivation. Maybe you need a cheering squad to get you pumped. Or could it be you're just not sure what your goal is. 

Or maybe it's something more. Maybe you're afraid.  How often do you find yourself in a negative mindset without even realizing it until the damage is already done? It prevents us from living our life to the fullest. 

A negative mindset can come out of nowhere, surprising even those who believe they have overcome the toxic thoughts. And if you have ADHD, that fear can take control of your life. 

Do yourself a huge favor. Step up to that fear and take on the challenge. Don't allow anything to prevent you from living your dream.

  • Take on your first goal and do it every single day until you have either made it a habit or you have completed it. 

  • Then challenge yourself again and take on your next goal and repeat!

In the end, you will find yourself becoming less afraid and more willing to take that risk! All it takes is one tiny step, one move to accomplish your goals. Believe in yourself and there is no stopping you! 

Of course, you may still have moments where that fear of doing slips through, but it doesn't mean that you have to give in to it. You have every right to fight back and take control of your life. You have the power to create your future. Why are you still living in the past? 

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Written by   77
3 months ago
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It's very easy for us to go into a negative state of mind, especially when things do not work out the way we wanted. It's a learning process every day for me.

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2 months ago