The Mistake That Paid Off

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3 years ago
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For years, I didn't mind the way my life was going. I was making good money at the job I was working at, paying off debt, and living well within my means. 

I never really had a lot of goals in my life, so I never really went after anything. Sure I had my writing goals, but that was about as far as my dreams had taken me at that time. 

 But then one day I realized I wasn't getting any younger and something inside of me simply said, "it's time." So the first thing I decided to do was finish writing my novel. It wasn't enough, however. I realized that I was getting tired of working crazy hours and dealing with bosses who would throw you under the bus if it saved their own butts. 

It was also at that time that the covid crisis had changed my youngest son's life by disrupting his school pattern with homeschooling, something he didn't handle well, due to his autism. I knew it was a sign. It was time I followed my old path and started working from home, only this time it would be a permanent transition. 

I had read so many success stories from other moms who were making a full-time income working from home, that I knew this was where I was truly meant to be. My passion, my calling in life.  

I'd already had some experience with working online, but I was ready for more. I loved writing, had already published a novel and I loved helping others. I just didn't know where to start again. I didn't know much about the fundamentals of finding my target audience or how to really promote my brand. Heck, I didn't even know what branding really meant. 

The only thing I knew was that if I didn't do this I would spend the rest of my life regretting the what-ifs. I worry and I worry a lot. Maybe a big part of it is my ADHD, maybe it's the knowing of what could have been and what my family's future will be like if I don't take that risk. 

That was the day I decided I was working from home no matter what it took. I even went as far as using some of my inheritance to invest in a website with Bluehost. Fast forward almost a year later and I've barely done anything with that website. 

That website I have learned just wasn't the right road for me and that's okay! I have discovered my true path to working from home and loving every moment of it. I love sharing what I have learned with others because I know I'm not the only mom out there who wants to quit their day job and work from home, but they are just not sure where to start. I've been there, I understand!  

I love being able to create my own work schedule. I love being able to choose how I want to live my life. I love the fact that I am home with my youngest son and there for him when he needs me the most. And, I cannot wait to travel full-time, to buy a home near the ocean on an island where it's warm and beautiful all year round. 

I work about 25 hours a week and the possibilities are endless. It's a wonderful life, one that I hope all moms can be a part of. There is another path for anyone who chooses to travel it. It's a path that I spent most of my adult life avoiding because I thought I couldn't do it. Boy was I wrong!

In closing, when is the right time to follow your dreams if not now? Isn't it time you started a new path of commitment? Think about it. In one year, 10 hours a week you could be on that very road, no longer wondering what if. 

And while I know creating a website at this time just wasn't meant to be for me, maybe it is different for you? If so, Bluehost is a great place to start that journey. 

7 months ago, I took the biggest risk of my life and it paid off.  

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3 years ago
Topics: Future, Work, Motivation, Success, Mindset, ...