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How to Stay Ahead of Your Work Schedule and Succeed

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4 months ago
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Today is one of those days where I could be cleaning and organizing while my youngest son is spending a few weeks away from home visiting family. Yet, here I am writing instead. 

I've still got a few more days to clean and organize the house, place an online order, plant my garden, finish 2 art projects, and the list goes on! 

Okay, so maybe if you are reading this, you're thinking, that's a disaster in the making! And if you follow my work, then chances are you also know I have  ADHD! Double whammy! 

But guess what? It's not a disaster and I'm still standing.  Even when things seem overwhelming, I have been able to stay in control because I am ahead of my writing goals, so I don't have to work as much as I usually do. 

I stayed ahead of my writing goal and have even managed to record several podcast episodes nearly a month in advance. Now that doesn't mean I've taken a break from working. It simply means I have been able to spend more time with my family. 

I do plan to take some real time off in the future, however. And I know with the flexibility of my job it won't be a problem whatsoever. But, that still doesn't mean my job is easy. It's quite a bit of responsibility, especially when you have ADHD

There are indeed moments when I can't just drop everything just to take additional time off. Some days I'm busier than I have ever dreamed possible, so much to the point I have been afraid of pushing myself into burnout mode. Luckily, I love my work and have yet to experience that moment. 

I'm also very blessed because I have been able to continue to work from home and build my brand by: 

Planning Ahead - I have a daily work planner that I use to plan my weeks ahead of schedule. As I mentioned before, I have managed to record several episodes of The Fight Within Her Podcast, about a month ahead of schedule. 

My next goal is to continue that schedule by writing a minimum of at least one month of articles.  It's a huge goal, but I'm already well on my way to crushing it! 

Getting a head start with your business allows you to take a day or two when you are sick, want to take a vacation, or just need a break from life's chaotic moments. 

A planner allows you to see where exactly you are with your goals and what you need to focus on next to stay ahead of your schedule. 

My Goal Planner

Working With Not Against Time - There are only 24 hours in a day and as crazy as life can get, there may be days when you can't work 8 hours straight. While you should never sacrifice the hours you spend with your family, you can use your time wisely. If everyone is still in bed at 6am, but you're wide awake, spend those early morning hours working on your business. 

If you have school-age children and your partner works during the day, instead of lounging around in front of the television watching soap operas, use that time to focus on your business goals. 

Make Time For Your Tribe - Your followers are taking time out of their busy lives to invest in you and your business, so why not make time for them? Build relationships with your clients by getting to know them. Ask them about their passions, hopes, dreams, and goals. Give your fans a reason to trust you even more.  

Just remember,  when it comes to getting ahead of your work goals, you have to be willing to go that extra mile if you want to succeed.  



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Written by   75
4 months ago
Topics: Planner, Goals, Self-Growth, Work, Online, ...
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