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How to Make Money When You Are Broke

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4 months ago
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Most entrepreneurs will tell you that to make money you have to spend money! While that may work for some, not everyone can afford to spend money, especially when they don't have any, to begin with. 

Being broke is no fun when you are trying to hustle just to put a roof over your head. And while there are plenty of employees paying jobs almost anywhere you turn, I also know there may be circumstances where getting a job outside of the home isn't an option. 

Whatever your reason for wanting to make money from home, the first thing you will want to do is to get a clear picture of why you want to work from home. You need a compelling reason to keep yourself on track when things get tough and you're to that point of questioning whether it's worth it. 

If you are struggling to stay motivated, change your mindset! Spend time every day focusing on what you need to do to make that money even if it means shutting out social media distractions like Facebook. 

Next, you need to set specific goals that will start you down the path to making money online. How do you plan to do it? What do you need to do to make money every day and so forth. 

One good example would be to set a goal to earn $1, $5, then $10, and repeat to $100. Then try to earn $1000 or more!

Another way you can set specific goals is by creating a vision board. If your goal is to buy a new car, start by cutting out photos of your dream car and glue them to your vision board. If you don't want to create a physical vision board, you could use an app like Pinterest to create a visual board, then add any pins that you want to include and refer to your goals as often as needed. 

Now it's time to tighten your budget even more by living below your means. Try to at least save 10 percent of your income, then ask yourself, What bills can I cut? 

Yes, you need to have internet access to work online, but can you go to your local library to work and cut your internet bill? And what about those 50 cent daily mountain dew splurges from the soda machine. Those daily splurges can add up quickly! 

Then, don't do the minimum. Offer the very best of yourself and what you do, then take it one step further by going above and beyond. Stand out by building a friendship with your customers and you increase your earnings. 

Love what you do by doing what you love. Don't just settle for the basics either. Keep learning until you know everything there is about your work and then some! Your skills are a valuable asset. Treat it as such.

Invest in free business videos and courses online to expand your knowledge. Visit your local library and check out books and other business materials that interest you. 

If you need ideas on ways to earn money online, consider: 

  • Launching a Podcast

  • Writing Articles

  • Creating Videos for Youtube

  • Taking Surveys

  • Starting a Blog

  • Selling Photographs

  • Selling Used Items

  • Teaching Online Classes

  • Sharing Affiliate Marketing Links

If you need additional help with ideas or focus, look for mentors who are already making a living online and follow their lead. By surrounding yourself with successful people, you not only have a fantastic opportunity to learn from them, but you also won't have time to deal with those who only want to bring you and your success down.

You can accomplish anything you set your mind to as long as you keep working towards your goals, learn from every experience and turn failure into opportunities.


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Written by   74
4 months ago
Topics: Make money, Online, Work, Tips, Success, ...
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@Thefightwithinher, I could not help but notice your sentence:

"Most entrepreneurs will tell you that to make money you have to spend money!"

It sticks out.

My question is: Would you consider participating in a crypto pump as a way to make money?

Of course you would need knowledge and tricks on how to go about it.

Pray do tell.

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