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How to Get Rid of House Flies Using Natural Remedies

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The house fly is a well-known insect that reproduces at an astonishing rate and is linked to more than 100 diseases including cholera, salmonella, and tuberculosis.  

House flies regurgitate a liquid from their stomach that dissolves the blood they suck from humans and animals. They leave trails of fecal matter in their paths that can transfer disease to both humans and pets who come into contact with it. 

Adult flies are ¼ of an inch long with a grey body and red eyes. They have two translucent wings and four stripes down the center of their body. 

The female fly is larger than a male and has a distinguishing space between her eyes that is much wider than a male's. 

Females deposit several mass quantities of up to 130 eggs in animal manure, grass clippings, and garbage. The eggs hatch in as little as 24 hours and larvae (maggots) emerge. Larvae are ¾ inch worms with soft cream-colored bodies.  Maggots grow into adults in under a week and pupate near their feeding area. 

Adults emerge and start the reproduction process immediately. The entire life cycle process takes less than a week to complete in ideal conditions. 

One of the most effective ways to naturally control a fly infestation is with proper sanitation. 

Start by wrapping any organic waste and place it in a sealed garbage can. If you notice maggots in your garbage, eliminate them with a pot of hot boiling water.  

Invest in or repair screen doors and windows to keep the pests out of your home. 

Purchase indoor sticky tape traps and hang them in problem areas where the insects are present. 

If you have animals, keep your yard free of manure to eliminate larvae feeding areas. 

Finally, introduce beneficial insects such as fly parasites into your yard. The parasites kill the young larvae in their pupae stage. 

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