How to Effectively Control Spider Mites

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3 years ago

The Two-spotted mite most generally referred to as red spider mite, is known for being a dangerous pest to gardens, greenhouses, and farms. 

Using insecticides to control the mites isn't always effective because they tend to build up a resistance to the chemicals and the products do not kill their young. 

A natural and more effective solution used by gardeners is the spider mite predator (Phytoseiulus persimilis). These Predators will feast on both adult mites and their eggs in all stages. 

The Phytoseiulus persimilis is a tropical predatory mite bearing a bright reddish-orange color with a pear-shaped body, long legs, and a mouth that extends in front of them. 

The female will lay 2-3 days on the underside of a plant leaf where mites are present. The eggs hatch in about 3 days and will go through several stages before they start to feed. Once they reach the adult stage they will continue to feed at a rate of 5-30 mites a day and begin to reproduce at a rate that will eliminate the spider mite population quickly. 

The predator mites will continue to reproduce and kill until there is no more food supply left. Once they have wiped out their prey, Spider mite predators will either leave to seek out more food or they will starve. 

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