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How to Create a 1K a Month Plan with Affiliate Marketing in 3 Easy Steps

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1 month ago

Slowly, but productively the home we own is getting an upgrade. There are so many little details that I have been wanting to do, but I haven't found any real time to accomplish it all, and resources are limited in the small community I live in

Yet my ultimate goal is to retire on an island somewhere, so time is limited because the house needs those upgrades before it can be sold. 

Last week our insurance company called to fill me in on a few additional upgrades needed to keep the policy current. 

When you are a homeowner, it can be just a little overwhelming just trying to keep up with all of the maintenance. Throw in the requirements needed to keep your home insured and it can be downright stressful!  

Of course, it didn't help that my ADHD brain literally forgot about those little details that are required! 

I just remember thinking, wow that's not going to be a reasonable upgrade! 

Thankfully, I have about a 10-month time frame to do it in. I know it won't be easy. There are still those other upgrades that will be needed as well. And frankly, my thoughts are will I ever make my retirement goal? 

But then I'm also thankful for that phone call because, with my ADHD, I can forget even the important stuff like the requirements to continue my insurance coverage. 

And today, I'm focused on the bigger picture, the ultimate goal. I may not have all of the answers like where to find a wide variety of resources in a small town, but I do know what it takes to accomplish a goal! 

Now that I have an idea of what it's going to cost to finish remodeling the house, I am going to make a goal of making $1k consistently with my job. 

I know this is a huge goal, but I also know it's worth my time. It will require a  step-by-step breakdown, or I will find myself distracted instead of focusing on it.

So to start, I need to focus more on:

Creating Affiliate Product Links That Solve a Problem -

If you're already familiar with affiliate marketing, then you probably know solving a problem for your audience is a must. But if you want to hit the $1k a month goal, you'll need to do a little research to figure out exactly what problem your audience needs help resolving.  

Before you share your next affiliate product link or service, get to know your audience's needs. If that product recommendation isn't something your audience can relate to, you may want to reconsider sharing it with them. 

If your customers are telling you what they want, listen to them! 

Support Your Audience's Needs

If the product or service link is only a temporary fix to your tribe's problem, don't recommend it. You want to resolve a problem for them, not share a solution that only sort of helps.  

Find the Right Audience -

Just because your followers have a problem that can be resolved, does not mean they can invest in the product or service you are providing. 

If you're attempting to target an audience that can't afford to spend money on your recommended affiliate links, don't expect to make any money. 

Focus on those who can purchase your products or services and want to continue investing in them if you want to see bigger profits.  

Give Your Audience Easy Access To Your Affiliate Marketing Links -

Losing a sale because you weren't available to answer a question, take their payment information, or were just hoping they would find your affiliate links and make that purchase isn't how to make that $1k a month goal! 

Instead, you must have an effective way to give your customers what they want that will sell them on your product or service even while you're sleeping. 

One solution would be to provide an automated email that will give your tribe everything they need to click on your affiliate link. 

Another solution you could give them is a detailed video about the product or service you are offering that can be viewed on a social media platform like YouTube 24/7. 

Now it's time to follow the steps above, then repeat the process to $1k success. 

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Written by   78
1 month ago
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