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In part two of the Blogging For Life Series, I'm going to share with you how to decide on a name for your new blog. 

You will want to take notes and write down every keyword you can think of that describes what your blog will be about. For more on keywords, check out part one of the Blogging for Life series. 

Most bloggers often choose to focus on niches such as:

  • health

  • finances

  • working from home

  • food

  • crafting

  • tech

  • bitcoin investing

  • parenting

When I started my blog, I chose to concentrate on writing and working from home, so my keywords were words like writing , freelance writing, writer, novel, books, income, jobs, work at home, work from home, entrepreneur, freelancers, freelancing, job opportunities, online income, making money online.

When you think about your own niche, list literally every word you can think of that relates to your topic. Using a thesaurus can be a helpful tool when you are trying to come up with keywords that are similar to your chosen niche. 

Once you have your list, combine all of the keywords you have chosen and form them into blog names. You can even take this one step further by throwing up a few blog name ideas on a social media site to get the opinion of others. 

A common question when considering blog names is whether to simply use your own name as a blog name. It is a possible answer, especially if you have a unique name that stands out and you want to write about a variety of topics, but it's not recommended. You want your readers to connect your blog name with your niche. 

You also want to take into consideration who your readers are. If you have a blog name that screams beauty, chances are your target audience will be female. Whereas if your blog title is something like boys and their toys, you'll most likely have a male audience. Knowing who your readers are will ultimately help you in choosing a profitable blog name. 

Consider whether you plan to build your brand around your blog name. Using your blog's name to promote your brand can be a fantastic way to increase revenue as a blogger. 

After you have decided on a name for your blog, your next step is to enter that name into a domain name search tool like Namecheap to see if the name is taken. 

When checking the availability of your chosen blog name, you want to use a .com address. Don't purchase an alternative address like .org or .net if you find that your blog name is already taken with address. It may be disappointing to discover that your blog name isn't available, but it's well worth continuing your search until you find a name that you love that is available as a .com address. 

Once you have found the perfect name for your blog, you are going to want to buy it. Your available domain name should be no more than $15 per year. Don't buy the name if it carries an expensive price tag. Domain names that have a hefty price can happen when someone buys a name they believe will be popular and sells it to make a profit. 

Another thing to keep in mind when buying your domain name is to avoid purchasing it through any web host you may be considering for your blog. If you ever decide to part ways with your web host, you'll be able to transfer your domain name since you own it to use with another web host of your choosing without the hassle. 

Now that you have a good understanding of creating a blog name, your next step will be web hosting, which I'll talk about in part three of the Blogging For Life Series.  

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Thanks for all the info. More people should read this series of yours.

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2 years ago

Thank you and you are welcome. I plan to continue the series soon!

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