How to Be More Productive at Work

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2 years ago
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Because of my ADHD, I'm not always as productive as I would like to be. Life has also kept me very busy lately,  which doesn't help. But, I also know that I'm not the only person struggling with being productive. There are days when I can blow right through my goals and then there are days when it feels like I haven't accomplished anything. I don't know about you, but being productive is still a work in progress for me. 

I have days where my ADHD distracts me from my main focus, a frustration that I'm slowly learning to work with.

Today is one of those days where I've been kicking butt with my productivity, but it's not always easy! I also know how overwhelming it can be to check off that to-do list. 

Yet, it doesn't have to be that way. With just a few simple strategies, you can be productive and end your week with success. 

Start your morning by only checking your email once.

We often find ourselves distracted by the constant reminder that we have emails waiting to be read or responded to. It's a struggle that I find myself fighting some days. 

Lately, I've made it a habit to check it once at the beginning of my workday and once at the end of my workday. If you find yourself constantly checking your inbox, set a timer to remind you that other tasks also need your attention. If seeing email notifications is a distraction, turn it off.  

If you're bothered by sifting through too much junk mail just to get to the important emails, re-evaluate what's important and either get a separate account for junk mail or unsubscribe to anything you no longer find valuable. 

Don't waste your day sleeping in just because you work from home. 

Get up early and use that time to get stuff done. I have always been an early morning person. I love being the only one awake at 530am because the house is so quiet and I can use the time to work on my side hustles and just write. 

Not everyone is a morning person and that's okay! If you can't find yourself rising in the early hours of the day, do what works for you even if it means spending an extra hour or two being productive before bed. 

Have an organized plan before you start your workday. 

A few months ago I decided to invest in a daily planner to organize my work to-do list because I realized I wasn't accomplishing all of my goals for the day. I was even forgetting important tasks! Since I have started using my daily planner, I have been more productive with my work tasks and a lot less stressed!  I love my work planner so much that I'm thinking about purchasing one for meal planning. 

Speaking of planning, how much of your to-do list is actually achievable?

  • Are there too many tasks that it seems overwhelming?

  • Are there tasks that will take more than just a day to complete?

Break down any tasks that can't be achieved in a day and keep your to-do list manageable.  When you break down your tasks into a smaller list, you're able to get things done without feeling overwhelmed.  

One final thought. If you struggle with procrastination as I do, it can and will get in the way of your goals! Find out why you are procrastinating and resolve the real issue. 

My own reason for procrastinating has always been because of my ADHD, but it wasn't until I was finally diagnosed with the mental illness a few years ago, that I discovered the WHY. Once I understood my reason for procrastinating, I was able to work with it and finally focus on my life! 








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Topics: Productivity, Tips, Strategies, Work, Home, ...