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How Bad Do You Really Want It

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10 months ago

Not long ago, I made the decision to start getting into the best shape of my life using my Weider 2980 X home gym

I had seen an episode of Dewayne Johnson's The Titan Games and thought if those women can do it, so can I! 

It wasn't easy, let me tell you. I had to push myself to even get motivated to work out. There were days where it was easier just to walk past the weight machine rather than stop and work out, even if it were just for a few minutes. Not to mention I had friends and family tell me and others that I really wasn't working out, which caused me to completely stop working out altogether. I avoided my home gym like a plague. 

But, one day I realized I wasn't getting any younger. My body was telling me the simple aches and pains I was feeling were very real. 

And so I started telling myself that building muscle, getting fit was a priority and that I didn't have time to procrastinate on my health. Exercising was a must. So I started convincing myself of that every single day. 

I would watch the Titan Games as a way to motivate myself to get fit. Then the very next morning I would hit my Weider home gym for a workout before I made my first cup of coffee for the morning and workout to Dewayne Johnson.

Soon, I started to notice my arms and shoulders were starting to shape up. I even noticed that I was carrying myself differently, straight, and with pride. Others were also taking notice, which motivated me even more. 

Yes, there are still days when I don't feel like working out. Because I hate exercise. But I also know that it's a sacrifice worth making! If we don't push our boundaries, get out of our comfort zone, and motivate the hell out of ourselves, then what is the point? 

There is a quote that comes from the movie, "Elliot the Littlest Reindeer", that holds true that I believe we all need to hear. A lesson of sorts, “If it's important, you'll find a way. If not, you'll find an excuse.” 

At the end of the day, you need to want it more than any excuse in the world. Then ask yourself, How bad do you really want it? 



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Written by   74
10 months ago
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