6 Tips to Get Stuff Done in 2021

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3 years ago
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When it comes to productivity, getting anything done isn't as easy as it sounds. I don't know about you, but for me, my ADHD symptoms often get in the way of my productivity. So I made my busy life a little easier by investing in a DAILY PLANNER

Let me tell you ever since took that step I have: 

  • Accomplished more than I have ever dreamed possible.

  • I started believing in myself a lot more than I ever did. 

  • I wasn't as distracted and I procrastinated less on my goals. 

  • I'm earning a lot more than I did before. 

But there will be moments when life gets in the way and that's okay. Just as long as we don't make those roadblocks an everyday habit.

Habits like:

  1. Putting off starting a task or goal because it's uncomfortable. It's called procrastination and I have been very guilty of it in the past especially when I felt overwhelmed. 

If you struggle with procrastination as I did, break your task or goal into baby steps until you have completed the objective. 

  1. Starting your task or goal, but then switching to other tasks before you finish the first one. It falls right along with procrastination because it makes you uncomfortable enough that you want to do something else.

I'm guilty of this one as well and still find myself doing it from time to time when I am working on my art pieces. When I feel like switching to another task instead of completing my first one, I try to set myself a specific time to stay focused on the task for a short time.

For me and my ADHD, 10 minutes is the most I can focus on for now. A good focus average is about 10 minutes, but you can focus more or less, just as long as you are focusing on that particular task. 

  1. Putting off a task or goal entirely because everything must be perfect. This happens a lot with bloggers. They will write a blog post, but then never publish it because in their eyes the post isn't perfect enough to be seen by the world. 

Instead of expecting perfection, try starting your task even if it does need more work. You can always go back later to make it better. 

  1. Getting constantly pulled away from your job or interrupted. Distractions are often something we can control, but that is not always the case. 

When you are bothered by distractions or interruptions, look for tools that can help such as a site blocker app, the library, or setting boundaries for those who struggle with the idea that you are working.

  1. Being tired all of the time. If you are constantly tired or low on energy, it can easily affect your work by making it hard to focus. 

Getting a good night's sleep is a priority, but sometimes we have low energy because of our mental health or even lack of nutrients in our body. If you are crashing by midway, a short walk around the block or weightlifting session may help.

Also, be sure you are taking breaks during your working hours. If you find yourself tired from not getting enough sleep, a nap may be helpful after lunch. 

  1. Feeling fear is one of the most well-known emotions that often destroys dreams. We dream big, yet we cower in the shadows like a tiny mouse afraid to make that move on his dream cheese because he's just not sure if there's a cat nearby who might get in his way.   

Get out of your way and stop letting fear keep you from your dreams! Take baby steps if you need to, but get out of your way! 

If you are still struggling with being productive, focus on one important goal only. If you keep your tasks at a minimum and prioritize, it will help you get things done. Don't just focus on the small tasks, however. Be sure you are including larger goals or the ultimate result won't be as effective. 

Finally, manage and organize your to-do list. Whether you choose to invest in a simple planner like I did that won't kill your budget, or you decide to use a to-do list app, choose a system that specifically works for you.

I know it may seem easier to just wing it and not organize or manage a to-do list, but take it from someone who knows, it will become an overwhelming nightmare in the end. Keep your to-do list simple, not complicated. Then pick a few tasks on your list to focus on each day and take action! 


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Topics: Tips, Focus, Productivity, Goals, Success, ...