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4 Steps to More Money Using Affiliate Marketing 

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If I could offer you my best advice as an affiliate marketer, it would be: 

Make Your Intentions Obvious - If your goal is to make affiliate marketing your full-time job,  you must be willing to get to know your followers on a personal level. 

You have to get to know your fans like one of your best friends.  You need to know what they are struggling with, and what their biggest worries are. 

Once you know their exact needs, you can:

Give Your Followers Exactly What They Want - If you have a great product you know and love that you believe can also help your audience solve a need, then share it with them. If the product or service you want to share is a passion of yours but doesn't help your followers in any way, you should keep it to yourself.  

You're not here to just throw up a few affiliate links that you love and hope for a sale! You are here to make it about your people, your fans. 

Start by asking what they need right now, then focus on the products you know and trust that will help resolve those needs. 

Give Your Audience a Reason to Respond Immediately - People don't always click an affiliate link just because it's there.  They want to think about your offer until they have made a decision, which can result in a long wait and loss of a sale. 

You need to give them a reason to click on your link within a specific time frame so that they don't have forever to respond. 

Provide people with a freebie bonus only available for 7 days, if they click on your affiliate link and purchase the product or service within that specified time and with proof of purchase. 

Create a Sales Funnel to Increase Your Income - If you already have several products that aren't the same, but are related to your latest affiliate link offer, set up a sales funnel for them. 

That way, you can bring in additional income from those affiliated links, but you don't have to promote them on their own anymore. 

To create your affiliate links sales funnel you must have: 

  • A huge lead magnet that will attract your customers and give your funnel a boost. 

  • An extra bonus 

  • A series of at least 7 content posts created around your latest offer. 

With these 4 steps, you will be well on your way to creating more income with affiliate marketing

Now, you must know that it won't be easy. And of course, you will need to do the work.  But it isn't Impossible, simply doable! 

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Written by   78
1 month ago
Topics: Money, Online, Affiliate, Marketing, Sale, ...
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