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3 Moves to Make When Your Blog is in Limbo

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4 months ago

If you have a blog, but you're somewhere between new to blogging and not sure what's next, it can be a little overwhelming like writer's block on a good day! Believe me, it happens! 

Building a blog takes a lot of patience, especially when you are trying to turn it into a full-time income. You must be willing to spend a lot of time learning how to do things like adding a disclosure page to your blog and pitching ad space to potential customers.  

There is so much more to learn than just the basics of blogging. Blogging is honestly the fun part! Now we must focus on the hard part, making money! 

I wish it were as easy as just throwing up a blog and waiting for the money to come in, but you and I both know that it's not. 

So what's a blogger to do?

One solution would be to spend some time researching Facebook groups that offer guidance and support for bloggers who are interested in taking their blog to the next level. 

Even if you are unable to find the answer you are looking for, there's always the option to post your question to the group, just be sure you have permission from the administration to do so first. 

Then, look at the answers from those who are similar to one another and not an individual who has a different answer from everyone else. 

And don't forget to offer your own advice if someone should need help in your chosen group. Always pay it forward! 

One important thing to remember when you are researching Facebook groups or similar, not everyone will be an expert in blogging. Try to find a group that has a lot of traffic and recent activity, but avoid those who only seem to offer advice on basic blogging and anything else you are already familiar with. 

Another solution is to search video platforms like YouTube. My youngest son who has Autism is a huge fan of YouTube. He uses YouTube to search for videos on how to play his favorite songs on the keyboard or guitar. 

I'm not far behind him when it comes to using YouTube as an information tool either. I can often be found typing in a topic I'm interested in learning more about on their platform. You can find a vast amount of tutorials on just about any topic you can dream of. 

One last solution, if you can afford to do so, is to hire a coach or blogging expert to help you get on the right track to building an income with your blog

Do your research before you hire just anyone. You don't want to hire someone who claims to have the experience you are looking for and then realize that they don't. Ask for references, take a detailed look at their blog before you hire. If they don't have the proof to back up their success, find someone who can. 

If you can't afford to hire a blogging expert, you could email a successful blogger that you admire and ask them for help. Make sure that you keep your email short since no one likes to read a 10-page email from a stranger asking for your advice and valuable time.

Keep in mind, if you are aiming for the top dogs in blogging, you might not even get a reply to your question or they may be willing to help for a small fee. 

Yes, being a full-time blogger can seem a bit overwhelming at times, but in the end, the return on your investment is totally worth it. 

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Written by   75
4 months ago
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