2  Simple Steps to Getting Back on Track With Your Goals

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2 years ago

Today, I finally had some good news after a difficult week. But it also meant that I failed to meet several goals I had set for myself. If I keep going down that road, I will end up with a financial setback among other things. 

It's a feat that I never planned for and somehow thought would never rule my life again. Excuses

Excuses I made because I had way too many pickles on my plate. Excuses I used because I couldn't get my act together even though my difficult week wouldn't even phase those who are serious about their work. 

Right now, I'm so far behind on articles, editing, art, and organizing that I honestly don't even know if it's possible to even catch up. 

I naively figured things were going great and I was out of the woods for life's crazy moments. Boy was I wrong. Instead of trying to work with life's difficulties, I went against them and took a break from everything. 

It wasn't until my car broke down that I realized it wasn't worth stressing myself out over, and that if I had to walk, well then so be it! 

Once I stopped worrying, I started to focus on my work once again. I also decided that I needed to be more organized than just keeping track of my daily work. 

I needed to invest in planners just as I did for my work. I needed a planner for not only my fitness goals but one for my life goals as well. 

So I invested in a few new planners that I found down the clearance aisle (some things will never change) of one of my recent shopping trips. 

But before then, I stewed, then I stewed some more. I questioned myself. Would I really use them? Would it be a waste of my money? Would I have the willpower to follow through with every goal I put in that planner? 

There were so many what-ifs, but I had to try! And let me tell you, I'm glad I made that purchase! I've never been more excited, more ready to get back to meeting my goals. I felt energized and ready to face the world once again despite my week. 

Yet as I think back to my difficult week, in addition to the planners, I realized there were a few steps I could have taken to get back on track with my work and life.  Steps that would have probably helped keep the chaotic moments when I was feeling overwhelmed. 

Organization- This is a huge step for me because my ADHD often attempts to overrule my organization skills. I'm not always disorganized. I have a few good habits like alphabetizing my DVDs. Yet my desk tells a very different story, one covered in piles of art supplies and household paperwork. 

With the help of my latest life planners, I'm hoping to get organized once again, and keep it that way! One can always hope, right? 

Schedules - This is another huge step for me to tackle because, unlike my youngest son who is autistic, I don't like schedules. I'm the type of person who always does her own thing instead of worrying about the minutes I have left to do it in. 

Yet, I also know I could benefit from some form of schedule, so I chose to focus on a week instead of a time frame except for appointments and meetings.  

I believe that by focusing on these two steps, I can turn them into a habit that will help me achieve my goals even when my days become frustrating and the unexpected happens. 

Life challenges us in so many ways we never dreamed were even possible.  We can either throw in the towel and admit defeat or we can fight back and come out a winner one step at a time. Let's do this! 




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2 years ago