Mobile Legends Background Stories: Gusion

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Castle Aberleen, in the south of Moniyan, was ruled by House Paxley. Generations of the family had defended these territories for the Moniyan Empire against the abyssal invasion.

During the reign of the renowned wizard, House Paxley was granted the dukedom almost a thousand years ago.


House Paxley's employment of prohibited magic was the subject of many terrifying rumors across the Moniyan Empire, and people shied away from any Paxley they encountered.

Gusion Paxley, on the other hand, was an outlier.

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He had a natural talent for swords and daggers, and before he could speak, he had hit his nanny in the forehead with a toy dagger to avenge her for punishing him. When he first began to read and write, the ink-soaked quill pen would always shoot toward the back of his personal tutor's head, as if it had eyes.

His wild behavior continued until his elder brother Aamon took over the dukedom — at a party, the young Gusion was demonstrating his dagger abilities when he unintentionally missed his aim, causing a nasty cut on Aamon's face.

Aamon didn't blame his rash younger brother, but word quickly spread throughout the Moniyan Empire that House Paxley's fourth child was a blade wielder – only lower-class citizens who didn't know magic would fight with daggers and swords, according to the Paxley family, who were known for their magical abilities.

Gusion was soon forced to cease playing with daggers and concentrate on practicing magic by the Paxley elders who actually ruled the family. Gusion did, in fact, inherit his family's magical aptitude; he had a great affinity for the element of light and rapidly realized his full potential while studying magic. He, on the other hand, despised memorizing boring spells and crafting lengthy scrolls. Gusion was using sunlight to boost himself up so he could sprint faster than a leopard, or using candlelight to move dinner knives and cut an entire table's worth of dishes into bits, while the other students were researching magic indoors all day.

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Gusion was the only top student in their household academy who would converse with servants, and because he was a cheeky but likable kid, the maids would always cover for his constant breaking of the rules; even when he was kept in confinement, the security personnel would falsely claim they didn't see the desserts that the male workers snuck under the door...

Gusion assumed that his hopeless brother would be on his side when those irritated elders urged the young Aamon to reprimand him as the family's leader, but Aamon instead began scolding him as the family's leader.

Gusion was dissatisfied and entirely ignored his older brother's lectures, while secretly pitying the big brother who used to be close to him - Aamon in front of him was definitely one of the elders, albeit younger...

Aamon encouraged Gusion to accept magic training over their meal together, based on the fact that Valentina, their family's first duchess, was a wonderful magician herself. Gusion was also informed by Aamon that he could become an assassin like him, turning magic into razor-sharp blades.

"Can't a Paxley get to be an assassin who fights with blades?" Gusion questioned, a little hesitantly.

"As a nobleman, you'll have to hide what you really want from time to time..." Aamon couldn't help himself.

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Gusion just stared at his brother and didn't say anything else.

A few months later, at his coming-of-age celebration – a family fighting competition – the 18-year-old Gusion popped up on the arena in an unique look: he used bizarre, fancy moves to avoid the projectiles fired by the other adolescent mages, while his rapid and mystical dagger accurately hit his adversaries before they could even cast their spells. Gusion was an unusual blade wielding, but he was employing magic skills to manipulate the knife, which astounded the elders of House Paxley...

Other young mages who had been beaten by Gusion began to accused him of "cheating," but he infuriated them even more by declaring that those who felt unfairly treated were the ones who were unfairly treated.

When Gusion threw his arm and sent daggers flying toward the fan-shaped space in front, hitting all the attackers charging at him, the enraged contestants surged around him. Then he jumped onto the spectator stand and threw a dagger at the House Paxley ancestor's statue. Valentina, and smacking it across the face to agitate the others!

"This is exactly what you want — it's just like House Paxley's motto: Fear above love."

Exasperated elders began reciting spells when Gusion spoke the harsh words, attempting to use magic to punish the rebel in House Paxley. Gusion was to be expelled from the family for seriously violating their regulations! Aamon, who had stayed mute, then rose up and announced loudly: Gusion was to be dismissed from the family for seriously violating their rules!

The elders who were about to slay Gusion had to put down their dark magic spells now that Aamon had banished his brother, observing as Gusion strolled out of the arena without looking back.

What will his future hold for him? Gusion had never considered it before. He felt a weight lift off his shoulders as he realized he could establish a name for himself in the Land of Dawn with his powers.

As Aamon stood there watching Gusion go away, he thought to himself, "What I'm doing is give back your liberty...".

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Gusion is a cute hero though I never try him yet. I know he's powerful as the other hero.

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Gusion is actually one of the most handsome hero in the game. His story is also one of the best. Its like a movie almost. He also has a brother in the game named Aamon. I will be writing about his story soon.

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1 year ago