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Travel Ilocos Norte

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9 months ago
Topics: Travel

Have you ever wanted to travel in a place to relax, have an adventure and have fun?

You are lucky you are able to read this article about travelling Ilocos Norte.

Ilocos Norte is placed in the northern part of Luzon. It is a 8-10hrs travel from Metro Manila.

Ilocos Norte is famous of its beautiful beach, delicious delicacies and cultural products.

Ilocos Norte have the Badoc Island, Paoay Church, Burgos Light House, White Sands of Pagudpud. The famous empanada that have already ablable in other countries of which there are Filipinos.

So what are you waiting for? Travel to Ilocos Norte. Experience the love of a true Ilocano.

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Ive been to these places, including vigan, on the summer of 2019. Really an amazing experience.

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9 months ago

Yes. It is amazing. So much adventure and yummy foods.

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9 months ago