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Make Way for TheMemeLord: The King of Memes is Here! 2Edgy4MeU

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1 year ago
Me on my throne... do u know da wae?

Hello Peasants!

I am TheMemeLord, the Edgelord Emperor and King of Shitposting Land.

If you are stumbling upon this profile, then you are in for a treat as I don’t shy away from telling everyone what is in everyone’s mind.

If you visit my throne room and read the Memes I posted, you’re going to have a good time, or get seriously triggered.

One of both.

Either way, I don’t care.

Lolz, yolo!

Why Am I Here: The Famous MemeLord Arrived at Read.Cash

So, normies, I'm gonna post stuff that I create because it makes me laugh, and my royal laugh brings all the boys to the yard.

Try not to be offended with the harsh truth, and don't waste my royal time by criticizing my meme skills as they are god-king tier.

But who is this coming here all of a sudden?

Here's a quick run through:

Me and My Subscribers harassing a normie in Read.Cash - Colorized

Welcome to my Community:

Above you can see in the picture above titled "Me and My Subscribers Harassing a Normie" I endorse my subscribers going berserk on their own in the comments section of my posts. But only on my posts, this kingdom is a kingdom of joy and freedom.

Go wild.

But not too wild or I may bonk you with my royal scepter.

I don't endorse weak peasants that can't respect the fun and freedom rule, and I don't endorse peasants who think the rules are free passes to be a nuisance.

Balance your actions carefully, but welcome to my community!

Me and My Wife the Queen - Keep your Waifus

While you're out collecting Waifus, I did it before it was cool. Queen Yamete over here is Subarashi.

Now, let us continue and give you a wiff of what is to come if you choose to follow TheMemeLord

I started Light
The Purest Bait... you shoe polisher!
Who never waited for tips clicking the notifications bell over and over again?

If you like Memes and you love shitposting, then you can enter my Kingdom as I am a Magnanimous and Generous KING.

If you become a subscriber, you'll get your place in the kingdom, just a normal place as a peasant, but who knows you might progress... or not...

Finally, if any of these memes hit close to home, I got another meme here ready for you.

Are you happy that I graced Read.Cash with my presence now?

I come here in peace and to enrich you masses with the culture of my kingdom, so even if you aren't happy I'm here, that's due to your barbaric ways and tribal upbringing.

I will respect it.

If you have any questions, dear peasants, ask away.

If not, leave your tributes to me at the ground close to my feet and I'll pick it up when I feel like it.

Don't forget to bring others into the fold so I can show them De Whey!

All Hail King TheMemeLord, 2Edgy4U

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Written by   11
1 year ago
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1 year ago

I have land on the kings land. Hahaha what a way to make an entrance! Well keep writing and making memes. Quite funny though!

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1 year ago

Thank you for coming to my throne room to pay tribute. You are in my graces now... at least for the time being while I don't spend your tribute showing people da wae.

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1 year ago