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The end of

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7 months ago

What's up guys?

How was you day? Mine was so bad and annoying?

Something happened earlier that broke the family into tears. Today, April 26, 2022 around 4:30 am (Pakistan Standard Time), I posted in

About Elon Musk tweet, from which it seems Twitter Board has accepted his offer:

New Post & Reply/Comment Errors

After a while, I was going to post another, maybe 10 or 20 minutes later but I couldn't.

I was redirected to same page with same content I wrote. I thought I had some issue with my data/network, so I click POST again, and got an error like Spamming is not allowed, copied from already posted.

I thought, hmmm it might be already posted but due to my network/data lost, I would have been got that error, so I checked My Posts but no, there I could not find any new post... I tried again to post, got the same error again, made changes, tried again and got error again, tried and got error.... I tried to reply to some posts, and got the same error, no post/reply/comment in first attempt and in second attempt error like don't spam...

I closed app, thinking that might be some sort of server type error (error in website/hosting provider etc.) but a temporary one and let me try again. After sometimes, I opened the app again and try to post...but unfortunately got the same errors.

Weird Notifications

After a while, I saw multiple notifications of the same user and same replied. Also, multiple notifications of post (user I enabled notifications). It was so annoying and confusing. From getting notifications I observed, despite unsuccessful process of post and reply/comment, it sends notifications.

Blank Page/Post and NaNK Error

I tried to open, posts and reply from notifications, I got nothing but a blank post/reply with another weird error, NaNK. Tried to click heart got NaNK on that too.

I thought, they would have done something with my Id, so I contacting my friend and ask him if he can verify if he has the same error, he said yes he also facing same error and notifications.

I thought it might be due to some updates or it would be a temporary error and shall be resolved soon, maybe sooner or maximum in an hours, and slept again. At 7 am I check it again, but got same error. I become worried, why not resolved in 3 hours.

Getting no positive response for very long made me think, It might be the end of, the end of the beautiful moments and amazing experiences I had, the end of earnings BitcoinCash, the end of so supportive and kind family, the end of learning and end of.....

It was so painful, because let go something you care and you are so attached to it, is so hard, difficult and heartbreaking.

Thanks to NoiseCash Team and Supporters/Donators, they give back what we wanted by saying it is NOT yet over, it wasn't the end and enjoy.

However, I have noticed one thing, the one who posted last or maybe second last or third in well know channels or having more subscribers, had a wonderful earnings because they got more hearts and more FreeTips from many members. I think everyone was also checking their FreeTíps feature.

Kind Regards,


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Written by   7
7 months ago
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Great post. You have some really good topics. :)

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7 months ago

It's not the end yet, hahaha. was a trial of the end soon 😁

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7 months ago

I hope, it never ends

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7 months ago