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The chase for 100K BFG!

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1 month ago

I like to create challenges for myself. That is something that keeps me going. The idea behind this challenge is to create a nice and decent passive income for 2022. If I succeed, great, if I don't no harm done! But I really believe that I should be capable of completing this challenge!


For the ones who don't know BFG, let me explain this to you! Just like on almost all crypto gambling dapps the player can earn some native tokens when gambling. On Betfury this is BFG. For each BFG you have do you do get a share of their profits. So earning some passive income. Of course the more BFG you have, the bigger you share of the profit is.

As you can see on the image on the left, 100K BFG would earn you around $5 each day! Just for doing nothing but having it staked! Of course this can fluctuate!

Due to the fact that each day people are mining these tokens, your income will probably decrease when the tokens are just staked and not growing. But those are problems (if it is a problem) which have to be solved when the problem occurs. It will be hard enough to gather the 100K BFG.

The road to the 100K BFG!

So the goal has been set, now it is time to determine how to get there. I do have a head start because at the moment of writing this article I already have 20K BFG. Not so bad to start with. This 20K is spread out over 2 accounts. With one account I will be playing/gambling with my BFG on the other I will try to just stake it and the idea is not to take any risks with the BFG there!

But also I will use some of my other passive income to purchase some BFG on the market. This will be around 1000 BFG per week, which isn't a lot but will certainly help.

When the saving account will have 12.5K BFG, I will also start to put some BFG in the BFG farm. Hey a BFG farmed, is a BFG less I need to earn!

But my main income will be from gambling with my BFG on my secondary account! I could use gamble with TRX, which would earn me some BFG, but I will try this route. Which is and could be extremely risky. But I do have faith in my approach!

To have 100K BFG at the first of January, I will need to earn around 800 BFG per day, which is feasible! There will be days that I will earn more, but there also will be days that I will loose some BFG. That is part of the game, but I need to make sure that it is nothing more than that and chasing it back! Earning 800 BFG per day isn't so hard, but keeping that profit is much harder!


I will solely gamble on the Betfury Dice game. I will use some kind of delayed martingale! I will start with a bet of 10 BFG and will start with over 4 or under 95. At the moment when I do have 3 rolls in a row above or below 50, I will increase my bet to 20 BFG to the opposite side (Over 52 or Under 48). When I do win, I will o back to the over 4 or under 95. If I loose my bet, I will play the same bet again but then with a double ante (so 40 in this case). This will repeat itself until I did win or reach my stop bet which is 1280 BFG. After this stop bet, I will just return to my base bet.

I will start each day with 12.5K on my gambling account. So if I do reach my stop bet, my base will still be a healthy 10K. This is a mental thing. But also because I do believe that winning 2560 BFG back isn't so big a hurddle as going bankrupt! I just need to play with strict discipline. I only need around 4000 winning bets of 20 BFG to reach my goal :) Easy peasy isn't it?

At the end of each day I will withdraw all BFG above 12.5K. Most of it, will be moved to the savings account or to the farm, but probably I will also swap some into TRX. Which then will be moved to fiat and frozen as TRX for some extra daily income. These swapped BFG will not be taken into account in this chase. This is just collateral damage :)

I will try to post a weekly update about my challenge!

Feel free to try out my system on:

I am sure you won't regret it!


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Written by   43
1 month ago
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Wishing you the best toward achieving your goal. Onward and upward.

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1 month ago

Thanks! Already half way!

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