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My 4 favorites BTC faucets!

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1 year ago

During this withdrawing of the market, there is no reason not to gather some more satoshis. I did want to write BTC, but we should not overreact! Currently I am using 4 different BTC faucets. Each with their advantages and disadvantages. But each day they all add some small (and sometimes bigger amounts) to the wallet.

When using faucets, one need to understand that this is more like a marathon than a sprint. You could be lucky and earn$200 in BTC and just a click. While this chance is possible, don't count on it!

When looking at a faucet, some things are important to take into account. Among others the withdrawal limit and fees are crucial. For sure if you also have a wallet where you do earn interest on your BTC. I am using Celsius for this. Each time when I do reach the withdrawal limit, the BTC is moved to my Celsius wallet.

When you do reach this point, you do get into the passive earning zone, which is heaven for a BTC faucet player!

Another other aspect is the time you do need to spend on the faucet. Some faucets do require daily attention of even several times per day. Rollercoin is one of those. But because I don't want to spend too much time on a faucet, this one is left out of the overview.

So let's start!

Well I really felt in love with There are more than a faucet, but in the post I will only focus on the faucet part. You can read a more in depth review of here: A review: it is more than a faucet! (

There are 2 ways of earning some free satoshi on Both only require a few minutes time per day!

First of all, you can roll the dice freely each hour. The main prize is $200 in BTC, but to win this you need to be extremely lucky. The chance to win this is 1/10000. But don't worry even the lowest prize you can win changes each day and it couple to the main prize. At the moment of writing this article this is 93 sats per hour. 3 weeks ago, this was only 50 sats per hour.

So let's assume that you do roll the dice 10 times a day, that is an easy 930 sats! So that is almost 34000 sats per year! Remember this 30K, it will become clear that this is important!

The second way of earning is their daily email. Each email does contain a free ticket for a spin at their wheel of fortune. Here the prizes go from 50 lottery tickets up to a rolex of $15.000. What about that. Most of the time you will win 50 lottery tickets, 50 reward points or 50 sats!

This month alone I already won twice 5000 sats with a spin. Not bad for just clicking on a link and spin the wheel!

Like all faucets they do require you to solve a captcha, but these are the easier ones on the market. When you do become a premium member the faucet requirement does disappear!

The minimal withdrawal is 30K sats. The withdrawal fees do vary and are at the moment of writing this article 2250 sats. But why would you withdraw it when you do reach that 30K mark, because from 30K they do start paying interest of 4.08% on your BTC holdings. One of the better ones on the market!

I can really recommend this BTC faucet. It is by far my favorite one! If you do want to try it out, fee free to use my ref link:


This was is listed as second. This because earning some free BTC is fairly simple and doesn't cost any time at all. You just download there browser:

They the only things you need to do, is open the browser and you are mining some free sats per day! I do earn around 1000 sats per week. This isn't a lot, but besides firing up the browser I don't have to do anything.

Each week I do withdraw my earning to my celsius wallet, where it can grow by earning interest! I can write lot's of stuff about it, but there is no need to. It is straight forward and simple. And it does pay out! Already had some withdrawal processed and they all did arrive in my wallet! What is also worth to mention is that there aren't any withdrawal fees. So if you do withdraw 1K sats, 1K sats will arrive in your wallet!


Well it was hard which one I would have to rank third. But the withdrawal limit did push it into third place. Depending on the withdrawal methode the withdrawal limit ranges from 10K sats to 30K sats!

The main thing I do on Satishihero is to spins their Bitcoin Fortune Wheel. Each 20 minutes you can spin 3 times. After that you will have to wait for another 20 minutes. The main prize her is 250K sats, but most of the time you will 1, 2 or 5 sats per spin. So far I have did spin the wheel 946 time, good for an earning of 1359 sats. So you can expect around 4.2 sats each 20 minutes. Told you is was a marathon. But it adds easily 40 to 50 sats to the bucket each day!

The biggest advantage Satoshihero has is that you can increase your earning by performing other tasks. For instance filling in surveys, downloading games and trying them out and so on. I do try to complete a few surveys per week and with earning between 300 to 1500 sats, this does speed up things.

They also do offer games to play where you can gamble with your earning. I have tried them and decided that I will stay away from them. They ante is just way too high!

At the moment I did earn 6851 sats. I do hope that with completing some more surveys during my holiday next month, that I will reach the withdrawal limit.

So far, I haven't discovered a faucet on this site, which makes it quick to earn some sats!


Well this was my favorite BTC faucet before I did understand the others. Still I do keep using this, to build up a bankroll which I can use when the football season does start again!

At betfury they do offer you 2 faucets. One BTC and one BNB faucet. Each 20 minutes you can just claim them, so you know in advance what you will get. But you do need to solve a captcha and those captchas does vary a lot!

The advantage they have is that it is integrated within a complete casino. And their own games can be play with a minimal ante of 1 satoshi. So you quickly can build up a bankroll and try your luck! The more you play, the more BFG tokens you do earn and from the moment you do have 10 BFG tokens, you do get a share of their daily divs. With my account I already accumulated 190 BFG tokens, so regardless if I do show up or not that day, I do earn some Sats, BNB, ETH, TRX and USDT. Just great!

The withdrawal limit has been set on 50000 sats, which is quite high compared with the others! Also they do charge a fee of 7500 sats, which is also way higher than the other faucets!

Still I did have to mention it, because I do claim my sats and BNB on a daily basis! Try to power the holdings up with some moderate gambling!

Also here the withdrawal are flawless. Never had any issue with them!

You can try it out here:

Are you also into faucets and I am missing an important one in my portfolio? Tell me why in a comment and if you want to leave a ref link behind. I will use it!



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Written by   86
1 year ago
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