From BTC faucet towards 1 BTC in one year! Update 3

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Well this update is due. Certain things happened in my life, which just crushed my motivation to write about anything. This goes from Covid to the unexpected death of a dear friend. Life is just hard from time to time and I trying to get back into a normal routine, which looks like this is easier said than done.
In the mean time, I did continue my challenge to earn a mighty 1 BTC out of thin air. Nothing is impossible in crypto; but maybe this one is a bridge too far.

You can read the original article here:

But for the moment, I am still running according to plan, even better I do have a small advantage.

State of affairs!

My last update was around 2 months ago. Back then I did had 43650 sats. Not a lot. If everything went according to plan I should have 83446 sats. But I do have a whopping 237478 sats. So 0,002 % completed 😂

You do see a major leap in the chart on yesterday. I finally did reach 100.000 reward points and did convert them into 100.000 sats. Of course this is a firm push in the back.

The problem I do ran into at the moment is that if I do want to stay on track, I should earn/win around 6000 sats per day. Which is a lot, knowing that my base bet if only 8 sats. Of course I can increase my base bet or the odds, but I'm not ready for that.

Also due to the fact that I am not betting enough, my free rolls earnings are decreasing. At the moment I can earn 30 sats per hour. So that's around 300 sats per day.

So, my main income should come from the multiply game. Luckily lady luck still is at my side.

Since the past update I did win 60000 sats, not bad at all.


But the also the premium member rolls do help. I do get 7 free rolls per day. On average I do earn 17 sats per roll and 17 reward points, while not much it does help.

Earn BTC

One of the great things about is that you do get interest on your BTC in your wallet. I do get 4.39%.

With my current stake this is around 25 sats per day. Again not a lot; but it does pile up.

Referral commissions

I don't have a lot of referrals, so the income from this is next to none. I do believe I only have 1 active referral, which makes it very easy for him/here to earn some extra BTC because I do share my referral income with my referrals.
So, by just joining via my referral you do get some extra BTC just for using the hourly freeroll and the free spin at the wheel of fortune (ticket is daily send by email).

My referral link is:

If you do want to win some free BTC each hour, this is the place to be.

I will try to more frequent updates in the future and let's hope that lady luck will stay with me!


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