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From BTC faucet towards 1 BTC in one year!

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8 months ago

Well in cryptoshpere nothing is impossible, so let's see if I can earn myself 1 BTC on ( within one year.

I am always in for a challenge and for sure a challenge which doesn't cost me anything besides some time. So let's see if we can make one bitcoin before the year is over without any investment.

I know it sounds crazy doesn't? But I do think that it is possible. Maybe not from the first time, but with persistence, a good strategy, a feasible roadmap and lots of discipline this is possible! I kid you not. And the best of all, beside pride and some time, I won't loose a dime. Wouldn't that be great!

What is

Like the name says, it is a BTC faucet website, where you can claim some free BTC on an hourly basis.

To do this is simple. Just create an account and you can win up to $200 in BTC per hour, but most of the time you will get 5 satoshi. But this can be increase.

As you can see I do earn 40 sats per hours. This is because I did gamble a little bit.

But also they do send out one email to you per day. At the bottom of each email there is a ticket for a free spin at their wheel of fortune, where you can win besides BTC, lottery tickets, reward points even an Iphone.

They also do send you a daily email, with a ticket for a free spin at their Wheel of Fortune, where you can win lots of prizes, including BTC.

I you do become a premium member, there is no captcha and you get free spins wheel of fortune.

I have been using this faucet for almost a year now. And now it is time to get serious.

How do I earn on

I do try to use their daily faucet as much as possible, due to the fact that I also did gamble there, I at least earn 40 satoshi per hour, which isn't bad at all.

Beside that I do use of course their daily ticket for a spin at their wheel of fortune.

Due to the fact that I am a premium member for more than 270 days, I do receive 7 free spins on a daily basis on their Wheel of Fortune.

So, the three above and my guaranteed daily faucet income.

But I also do gamble at their multiply BTC game. At for the moment I am making a profit as can be seen in the screen below.

But also the free roll do earn me good enough to keep on playing there.

But hey you said you did want to earn one BTC, didn't you?

Yes I did. On the 11th of January I did have 0,00008071 BTC in my account, which will be my starting point. After some calculations I came to the conclusion that if I do increase this staking with 2.69% per day I would have 1 BTC on January the first 2023. What about that!

Now in January I don't expect any problems because I can increase my holdings on a daily basis enough by claiming the faucet, the free spin at the wheel of fortune and my premium member spins.
I will get more interesting from half of February, from when I do need to earn more than 500 sats per day.

Around the 2th of March, of everything goes according to plan, will give me a push in the back with their interest earning on my staking.

Things will start slowly but will increase on a daily basis.

You can do the same and/or help me!

Creating an account is easy. And you can start instantly earning some BTC pieces. If you do claim it 1O times a day, you can start after 10 days with a stake of 500 satoshi.

If you are tired of the Captcha, you can switch this off by becoming a premium member.

If you do, I would like to advice you to deposit BTC on their site and buy the fun tokens there and not on an exchange, due to the high ETH fees to transfer them.

I will share some of my referral earnings with the one who did use my referral link. I will start with 5% and will increase this up to 35% depending on how much referrals I do have.

My referral commission will be shared among the active users and based on their activity. Using my referral or not will not make a difference to you besides the fact that you are missing some extra sats on a weekly basis.

I will increase it to 10% when I do have 10 referrals. I only have 9, so 1 more is needed.

So feel free to use my ref link:

Do you think I can complete this challenge? Do you think it is impossible? Or you do have some spare seconds in a day and will try it out yourself?

Like always open for discussion.

I will report on a frequent basis about this challenge. You will read about my successes and/or failures!


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Written by   85
8 months ago
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I did claim my first minimum pay out here..last June and it's 100% legit.. I think you can complete this challenged as you have already mapped it out to it's possubility

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8 months ago

I have this from 1 year ago and I stop I don't nonif still there of my account

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8 months ago

It should be still there.

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8 months ago

Nyc to read

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8 months ago

I used to think that this faucets are fake and do not pay out most especially the BTC faucets

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8 months ago

They do pay out. Did try it. And can recommend it. I also post about faucet I did try and also were I did get my BTC.

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8 months ago