Daily rewards and opening of 6 Chaos Legends Packs

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2 years ago

First let's start with the daily rewards. Just like in the past 2 days, the quest had to be battled out with neutral. This suits me pretty well, so the quest was pretty quickly completed.

6 cards out of 8 is a pretty decent catch. Too bad only one rare or better.

Chaos Legend Packs

Decided to purchase 6 packs and decided just to send them to the alt account and open them there!

Pack 1&2

A golden Monk is never bad and a first Werding Warrior. Could be better but not too bad for a start.

Pack 3&4

Howla, a golden foil summoner. That's a firm push in the back of the account. Does mean that I suddenly have a summoner on lvl 2. Also another General Sloan.

Pack 5&6

Guess all my luck was used with the previous packs.

Still great improvements for the alt account.


$ 3.78
$ 3.78 from @TheRandomRewarder
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2 years ago