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Bitcoin Cash: The smoothest cryptocurrency for transactions.

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3 months ago

One of the things people underestimate when comparing various types of cryptocurrency is smooth and reliable transaction rates. Too many people focus purely on transaction volumes and cost. Of course transaction volumes matter and keeping transaction costs low is absolutely crucial to ensure people continue to use it, but for any cryptocurrency to realistically compete with mainstream payments systems it needs to be able to handle continuous streams of transactions without getting blocked up.

Bitcoin Cash success in this regard when bitcoin has historically failed. Sometimes it can be hard to look at the raw stats and clearly see this, but luckily for us there's a great way to visualize this data. TxStreet.

As you can see from the image above this shows the flow of transactions, with the transactions being the little people, the current block being the bus which then drives off to the blockchain. This is all being shown in real time. While the people boarding the BCH bus are able to walk straight on, the people queuing for the BTC bus are having to wait.

What's worse is that it's not first-come, first-serve. As miners prefer transactions with higher fees, customers board the bus faster if they are willing to pay higher fees. This not only showcases the scalability to BCH for existing supporters, the continuous smooth operation of BCH transactions ensures that potential new users of Bitcoin Cash can be confident it will continue to support their needs.

This is the state that it is in now, with only 30 million of so active BTC wallets. Imagine how unsustainable this would be once there's more than a billion people with wallets using them constantly for day to day transactions. It simply wouldn't work, and this is exactly why Bitcoin Cash was born.

To this day people to continue to argue over which is the better currency, BCH or BTC. I say this argument is moot. Each has its own use case. If all you're looking to do is store money and wait, BTC can work. If you're looking for a currency to replace the outdated transaction systems forced on us today then there's no competition, BCH wins every day.

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Written by   3
3 months ago
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