No to Disappointment

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1 year ago

14th, January 2022.

The definition of disappointment is "the feeling that follows the failure of expectations or hopes."

This hasn't really been my word in the past. I know people who get disappointed on a regular basis. Some can't take it, so they let themselves get defeated. They retreat and give up, just because something didn't go their way. They wallow in self pity, get all cynical and angry, maybe even give up on humanity.

Today, I reject disappointment in all its forms.

I relinquish expectations, expecations and disappointments to the past.

I am free of shortcomings, rejections, and limitations

I am grateful for what I have and I am open to receive more.

I release all disappointments to the Universe and let go of my expectations anytime I need to.

Letting go of disappointment is the best way to prevent any negative feelings before they happen. Being aware of my expectations is the key to avoiding disappointment.

Visualize yourself receiving what you expected from others as if it was already a fact. No need to wait for anything, just stay positive and keep receiving from the Universe by being grateful for what you already received.

But what I don’t expect is for the feeling of disappointment to overtake me and make me feel like a failure.

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Disappointment can be sneaky like that. It can burrow deep inside you and turn you into someone else. It can make you crawl into a hole and not want to come out. It can make you sink into sadness and think everything is lost.

I say no to disappointment in any form.

I say no to blaming myself for things I cannot control.

I say no to any sort of victim mentality, that always feels like it’s a part of me.

I say no to putting my time and energy into anything that offers me nothing in return.

No to disappointment - I say no to disappointment in any form.

No to feeling let down when things don’t turn out the way I expected. No to feeling like a loser because I didn’t win. No to comparing my life to everyone else’s and thinking I came up short.

No to feeling regretful about the past. No to wishing I had done things differently. No to beating myself up for mistakes I’ve made.

No to any situation that leaves me feeling like a victim. No to anyone trying to make me feel like one.

I am going to say no to negative energy, and no to the negativity that drags me down and make me miserable, no to self-doubt, no to feeling like I need anyone's permission or approval for anything I do.

No to people who don't know what they're doing.

No to letting others brokenness be a reflection of my own.

So I'm trying to live without:



Surprising myself with the intensity of my reaction to things that are not that big of a deal.

No to feeling disappointed in other people.

And no to being disappointed at the fact that I'm not living up to myself.

When we are used to disappointment, it becomes a habit. We have a tendency to say yes to whatever circumstances come our way. No one wants to read an article about how to live with disappointment. We don't like to think about it, we don't want to face unpleasant situations, or we see no way out of them.

I say no to disappointment.

I say no to "I can't do it myself."

I say no to "I don't have time."

I say no to "I don't know how."

Disappointment is a reflection of a small mind, weak heart and poor planning. Not having the skills, knowledge, or time to do something doesn't mean you can't do it.

That is why I am saying no to disappointment. I will look for new opportunities to exceed expectations. I will celebrate every victory and share my stories.

I won't be afraid to ask for help. I will frequently remind myself of the powerlessness of disappointment in my life. If a situation is disappointing, all I have to do is turn it around and re-create it with a new outcome.

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1 year ago


It's the first time I've read so many 'no' words in an article and I don't think I'll ever read it again, but I agree with every no. :))

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1 year ago

Most disappointments came from unfulfilled high expectations. But it's okay to feel that way, at least a lesson is learned.

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1 year ago

Yes. The point is to have learnt something

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1 year ago