Friends or soulmates ?

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In this life, a person continues his way with his life partner and some friends whom he chose carefully after a long time

But before a person finds his true friends, he faces many difficulties that he encounters because of these friends, and finds the appropriate solution with the help of some friends.

Today we will talk about the difference between the two types of friends that each person will encounter from his teenage years until his death

We must be careful in all our choices, because any wrong choice will cause us problems that we are indispensable

The most important of these choices is to choose true friends who can be relied upon

. True friends are the ones who stay with you in all your times, whether sad or happy

They are in me when your sun is shining or dark

For me I am still in the process of searching for these friends and fortunately I found two of them

The first who defends me in my absence, and he is one of the most important friends who love sincerely

He does not accept any bad word against me, and most importantly, I consider it to be the storehouse of my secrets, which I seek refuge in at any time

I can tell him the most dangerous things and I am sure that he will not tell anyone and that he will help me solve any problem that comes my way

As for the second friend to be frank, he is a friend I discovered a short time ago, as despite all the neglect he was subjected to due to some of the circumstances I went through, he did not stop his interest in me and his support for me during the period of our exams

Where he was always encouraging me and getting the best out of my energy so that I could get a high final rate

He grieves more than me when I get a low grade sometimes I feel like he's my mother

These two friends are the most precious thing I have and I think they will stay with me for the rest of my life

As for the rest of my friends there are good ones but they don't do anything for me although I try to help them as much as posible

I treat them as I would like people to treat me

We must show the good in ourselves so that others can show the good for us

There are some who consider you their opponent and try to crush you for any opportunity you allow them. I consider this a mental illness resulting from a deficiency in their personality.

In the end, friends are important in our lives, as no one can live alone in this world

My advice to you is to bring out the best in yourself so that you can be an integral part of one of your friends' lives

Thank you all for reading this i wish you all the good in the world

Take care my dears

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Topics: Friends, Love, Good, Bad, Suport, ...


Friends are important but we also need soulmates in our lives too

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Who do you think is more important?

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