Why the Poor begets Poor? Poverty-Education cycle

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Why does the poor begets poor?

why do most poor children are more likely to end up in poverty?

The focus of this article is The Poverty Education cycle.

Firstly, I would love you to know that poverty like a curriculum in the university is learnt! and some poor parents are very good lecturers. Poverty is studied as a course by the children of the poor.

It is painful to say this but many in my country(Nigeria) have first class grades in this course. Why does the poor get poorer and the rich richer?

With reference to a man I love so much, Robert Kiyosaki, I have seen how differently the poor and rich think. Our environments are really powerful hence they affect our philosophies. But when children grow with such evil mindsets, it becomes their reality and something very hard for them to break loose from.

Imagine having parents that worked so hard and always came back home at night, and left you alone or with friends or an aunt, who basically cares less about you, the child might grow up thinking that is how things are meant to be.

The poverty-education cycle is that one where the poor gives birth to the poor and the poor give birth to more! They keep passing down the mantle of poverty down.

I hate poverty!!!!!!!!

Ok what interests me about this topic is not that people are poor but unconsciously teaching their kids to be.

Poverty has the following descriptions:

  1. The lack of resources to do the needful

  2. The mindset that keeps wasting resources without a replenishment plan

Rather than telling kids 'you can't' tell them 'you can'.

But can I ask this - if some kid was born in a poor home, who is to be blamed?

God? the parents? fate?

I feel skeptical each time I try to place the blame on anybody but I would blame the person if he/she remains and accepts the poverty curriculum.

I always feel very sad seeing poor people because they don't just need resources but the mind to wield them.

I was born into a family background that was neither rich nor wealthy but I had the poverty mindset. Right now I am free!!!

Bill Gates once said when asked if he could allow his daughter marry a poor man;

"I think of poverty as a mindset than having resources. There are lots of people out there with money and yet are poor because wealth is a personality"

I hope you were blessed by this article!!! Don't get lost in this cycle! and if you see someone in it, help him or her out because Knowledge is light!

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