The Eve of His death

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2 years ago

22|02|2014 I lost my dad... Today marks the eve which leads to the day he died 8years ago

<<<< rewind <<<< six months behind

So my dad has been seriously ill, having to live his live managing diabetes. As such patient, his meals were prepared separately from the general one as he could not take salt, sugar and many other things as prescribed by doctors. In fact, when I taste his food, I often wondered how he coped with such tasteless and awkward mixture he called Food.

One thing which was heartbreaking to watch was how he took drugs. He had like five different nylons holding varying numbers of tablets, capsules and many more. He could keep swallowing for minutes and each time I watched, I wept within.

He was just retrenched from his workplace, then Friesland company which produces peak milk, and was granted pension. He invested this money to get some truck for transportation of goods and the whole stuff went awry. The shit affected him! His health deteriorated and then it led to stroke!

>>> forward >>> one week to death day

After wasting so much on hospital bills and still being referred from one hospital to another, he was finally transferred to a public teaching hospital. My mom moved with him and was there taking care of him.

I was preparing for a promotional examination but then I was not balanced at all. My attention and mind was distracted. Financially we were bankrupt but then God was there seeing us through!

>>> eve of death

I was at home, home sick. The house was deserted, I was scared of the dark. My mom had travelled, elder brother was in the university and two sisters busy in places I can't recollect right now. But my younger brother was with me. The house smelt strange like drugs. The video of what I had seen happening to my dad, like the seizure!!! It was damn difficult to erase from my mind. I sat wrapped in bed sheets. I was cold but hot too, something was happening but I could not tell what it was.

I was scared of loosing my dad, my very good friend and partner! It felt like a void was opening up and I was being exposed to damages. I thought many times why God allowed this to happen but then fell more in depression.

Meanwhile >>> at the teaching hospital.

Late at night. My dad laid on the bed, my mom beside. The woman had lost so much weight, and her eyes swollen. She too was scared to losing her husband, how will she cope? how will we the children survive? My elder brother who schooled not too far from the teaching hospital was present.

My dad could barely move, half of his body from head to toe suffered this. The duo staying beside him were in overflowing tears. "sa-mu" "sam-uel" he struggled to call with the right side of his mouth. My brother moved closer to him. "Youu... are the he-ad" he stammered, he struggled hell to speak but couldn't anymore..

(the rest is history)

Some weeks after his demise, my mother returned looking very lean, pale and sick. "Mum welcome" we all went out to greet and carry her bags. But then where is dad? I kept thinking till I asked. She shoved off the question but the look on her face was suspicious. Till she dropped the bombshell, "Your dad is dead" she said.

It then dawned on me! It kept ringing in my head multiple times - "Your dad is dead". My heart starting racing very fast and I look at my siblings and then swallowed very hard. I sat on the ground in shock 'The worst has happened! The thing I feared the most had happened'.


"We are gonna die someday but then live each day as though it's your last" - @ThatRealGuy

Make each second, minute, hour, day, week etc. COUNT! Create memories, Chase visions!!!

Today is my dad's remembrance day and I am remembering all the memories he created!


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2 years ago


May his soul continue to rest in perfect peace and God in his infinite mercy bestow his unending happiness, blessings and good health to you and your family.

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2 years ago

Thanks, I t happened a long time ago tho

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2 years ago

Im really sorry about this... It must have been a tough time for you... May his perfect soul rest in peace

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2 years ago