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Prank Responsibly: An April Fools' Day Special

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5 months ago

Being the fun-loving and jolly people that we are, April Fools' day has quite become a custom in which we play pranks, jokes and hoaxes. The pandemic might have taken it's toll on each of us, but we still do deserve to have some little fun. Don't we?

However, as much as we wanted to be fun, I hope that we become cautious and sensitive with whatever pranks and hoaxes we might be thinking of doing. I have written below some topics which, I think, are not and will never be a laughing stuff.

Severe Illnesses (COVID-19, Cancer, etc.) Not only that you make those who care for you feel worried and anxious, but also you belittle or you're being insensitive to those people who are actually suffering from such illness and those who died of it. In this time f pandemic, joking about getting the Covid-19 infection will never be a good idea. You don't want to cause another year-long lockdown in your area, do you? Then don't.

Death/Suicide. Need I have to explain this one? Death toll because of the pandemic is sky high already. Don't try to make it on the list. Moreover, death and suicide are serious issues, how could you laugh after exposing your joke by shouting "April Fools!"? I bet you, it's going to be a failed prank, so don't.

Pregnancy/Miscarriage. This is another non-laughing issue. Pranking your partner or loved ones that you are pregnant might not really be a good idea. You play not only with their emotions but with yours as well. You might not like it when they react opposite to what you were expecting. Do you get me? Let's say you're ready to have babies and by pranking your partner and seeing that he felt a little not happy about the news, what would you feel? I hope you get my point. Same as with miscarriage. Who wants to have miscarriage? Some have been trying really hard to get pregnant, and here you are making fun of losing a baby. That's not fun at all. Thought of this pranks? I tell you, don't.

These are just some of matters that should not be taken lightly. Although these are just based on my opinion, and I don't mean to be a kill joy. Being a kill joy/kj, as people call, is different from being sensitive and considerate. After all, what's fun in making people worry, feel anxious, disappointed and taken lightly? The world is cruel, rotten and wicked already, why not make it a little more fun by doing jokes that will actually make people happy.

If you have great ideas about some pranks that might actually be fun, comment down below.

Happy April Fools! Prank responsibly.

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Written by   19
5 months ago
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Oh no! not a good prank indeed! There is power at the tip of our tongue and even if its a joke might not be a good thing to do.

Btw, bisaya ka ba kc MD puhon ung nasa description mo 😊

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5 months ago

Our tongues leaves sharper wounds than swords do..

Not a Bisaya, Waray-waray actually. I just love the word puhon. It's a beautiful Bisaya word.

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5 months ago

So true... Bka sa cebu ka nag aaral kya youl have bisaya words na rin 😊

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5 months ago