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Bonds of brotherhood

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5 months ago

I had to be that big sister who had to be my mother too, because my mother was working and my father too, it was my turn as big sister to take care of both of them, it was an enriching experience but also quite strong, it was a lot of pressure to take care of me to also take care of someone else, I remember those days and I qualify them as strong days, where I had to learn the hard way, I had no experience in taking care of anyone but it was my sister who needed to be taken care of, my parents only told me what to do in those moments but it is difficult to remember with clarity every word of my mother or to know exactly that the theory is the same as the practice.

There were things that I didn't know how to solve by myself like making food and bathing my sister, it was hard for me because it is not easy to take care of someone being so young, I was 9 years old although I already knew between the good and the bad, it was not easy for me to take care of a 3 year old baby. With the lessons I learnt looking after my sister I gained the necessary experience to understand how difficult it is to take care of someone in your care, having to take care of us is not easy and having to take care of someone else is even worse.

My personality gradually matured, those thoughts of a child were transformed into a teenager and also certain traits of an adult, although I didn't want to change that way, it was the different situations I experienced that led me to these changes.

My friends, they were also determinant, always looking after me and my sister and also helping me from time to time in the whole process, my friends for me are other sisters who have given me life, those days of madness and fun and long nights of girls, they were fantastic.

I had everything that a normal child could have had, every experience every experience is part of who I am today, every stumble and even every bad time, everything is worth for me, I learned that I could not discard any lesson, those words of my grandmother and many adults, were also part of my upbringing, my foundations today are solid created from my own experiences and others in an observed way.

Those experiences that I was able to learn on my own gave me to understand that if I "played with game, I would get burned", I also knew that I had to act right and everything would go well, those times that I didn't would end badly.

I could see how my friends ended up suffering for someone who didn't care about them or ended up in arguments with their parents in an unnecessary way, only to regret having said words that they didn't really mean, it was pathetic and the worst of all is that after having said something that caused harm, it's not worth apologising for.

If there were many experiences and if you ask me which one I would choose, then I would say the experiences I learned with my sister, they were special lessons, learning to take care and protect my sister, feeding, bathing, dressing, sleeping and going to the toilet. It was a beautiful stage that today has helped me to be a better person. Today it seems incredible but I saw the same look of love in my niece's eyes towards my daughter, knowing that my daughter will have someone who will take care of her at all times and will teach her just like I did with my sister somehow reassures me a little.

Nowadays society has changed a lot, especially because the danger is latent every day in the streets and even in the home. That is why it is important to take care of ourselves, to dedicate time to teach ourselves and thus be better people every day, it is a lesson that we must put into practice.

playing together and enjoying together makes sense, taking care of each other and learning from each other at the same time, will prepare them for a not too distant future, the lessons are better if they are learned together, because the more people there are, the more they learn, knowing that they can take care of each other strengthens the relationship of sisterhood between them.

endless moments that they can enjoy, many parties that they can go to and so many laughs that both will share, nights where they will only need one to listen to the other, sad days where the only thing that can comfort them both will be their company. that is sisterhood, that is family union.

the only person who should be afraid because they are together is me as a mother because they invent a lot and you have to be very careful with those, because children do not measure the danger and only think about doing things, followed more by an impulse than by sanity. i say this on the basis of, today while we went out to the park i left them alone for a moment and they almost ended up in a water fountain, luckily i got there in time.

The fights between cousins or sisters can't be absent either, this is normal if it's true that siblings fight a lot but they also learn to take care of each other, I think it's more of a stage than anything else, Zoe and Tifa do fight but for silly things like a doll or because one does something that the other doesn't want to.

my family has taught us that we should always take care of each other, being united everything is simpler, upbringing is vital for a good education and to be able to care for others is the biggest battle that we can fight as people, an experience of my life I learnt at a very early age with my friends at school who found it difficult to share with others and one day they ended up denying water to a girl who did not have any, which caused me a lot of annoyance and I really learnt there that selfishness does not bring anything good.

To be able to share teaches us that if today we don't have anything, maybe tomorrow we will, or, it happens the other way around, that tomorrow we will have something but others have nothing, to think in that moment to share is the greatest victory that someone can have, to help others is so easy and costs little.

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Written by   8
5 months ago
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5 months ago