Up to a thousand years

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A full and complete life. A meaningful and happy life. Ah, everyone wants it. All ways are used to achieve it.

People say, money will bring happiness. Having money means getting honor. People can buy anything, including the devotion and loyalty of others. However, once obtained, a full and full life never arrived. Those who visit are anxiety and greed.

However, can't money buy pleasure? In a reasonable amount, pleasure is healthy, such as eating, shopping, sex and so on. However, if it is seen as a source of happiness, then people will extort pleasure. Suffering will also visit.

After all the paths taken, we will arrive at a feeling of emptiness. The world does provide pleasure. However, it will never give you happiness. It is this awareness that prompts us to look within ourselves.

By looking inward, we are on the path of meditation. Suffering and disappointment keep visiting. However, all of this is done with awareness. Consciousness, as the basis of all experience and thought, is the real source of happiness.

At this point, we are aware. Suffering comes from memory. We repeat past events, and live in the past. This is trauma. Past memories become a source of great suffering for people who are unable to let go of their past.

Another source of suffering is the shadow. We overthink things. We then create images that are not real in the mind. We also become afraid of the future that has not yet arrived.

Perhaps, this is not new to us. We've heard this view before. However, for some reason, we keep falling again into suffering and disappointment. We fall again in the same hole.

If we fall, then we have to get up again. We have to try again to be aware, to continue living in consciousness. Until when? Until a thousand years. Fall again. Wake up again… Until a thousand years.

Body and Mind

Another source of suffering is the body. It will hurt, age and crumble. This is unavoidable. This is the universal path, namely the Dharma path.

However, we are not our bodies. The body is just the remains of all the food we have ever eaten. In short, the body is a trash can. Although it is important, the body is not our true selves.

So is the mind. It is not ours. Thoughts are ideas that we collect in relation to the social world, since we are children. Thoughts are important for living life. However, it is still the trash can of our social environment.

Our true self is neither body nor mind. Our true self has no place and time. It is before body and mind.

This view is also not new. However, even though we understand it, we still fall into anguish and disappointment. Just be aware, then wake up again with full awareness. Until when? Until a thousand years.

Uncertainty of Life

Human relationships are a source of great happiness. It provides a sense of security, as well as social support in life. However, relationships are often a source of great suffering. Heartbreak often brings grief that is so gripping, it even encourages people to commit suicide.

All done with full awareness. Happiness comes. Happiness goes. Aware. Aware. Aware.

Fall again. Get up again. Live with awareness. Until when? Until a thousand years.

This is all part of the change. Change creates uncertainty. All theories and prophecies crumble, when reality speaks.

We will not always be lucky. Sometimes, businesses fail. Plans are a mess too. This is all part of the change that will never stop.

Until a thousand years means we keep trying. In the ups and downs of life, we are constantly aware from moment to moment. We don't check the thoughts or emotions that arise.

They come, then they go. We go on. We keep trying to return to the state before the mind. Sometimes, emotions are so strong, and we dissolve.

Sometimes, we make mistakes, and hurt others, as well as ourselves. Sometimes, too, we are weak and helpless in the face of life's uncertainties.

Sometimes, we despair. Sometimes, we get so angry at things we don't want. These are all Dharma, that is, the way of the universe. In fact, all are paths to inner enlightenment. Whatever happens, stay aware. Back to the present. Often, tired and tired of visiting.

Get up again. Realize again. Until when?

You already know the answer….

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